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Blafjella-Skjaekerfjella National Park, Nord-Trendelag County, Norway









The national parks of Europe are just as lovely as the national parks in the U.S. This is the third largest Norwegian national park. It is a wonderful combination of forested valleys, lakes, mountain plains, marshes, and a few mountain peaks. Blafjella-Skjaekerfjella National Park was established in 2004. The name Blafjella means “the blue mountains” while Skjaekerfjella means “shafts of a wagon” which refers to the long mountain ridges.  In and around this area live the Sami people and they have lived here for ages. When visiting you can see a lot of Sami cultural monuments like burial sites, gathering places, settlements, and sacred places.

norway three









Visitors to the park can enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hunting. Hunters have the sport of shooting small game like ptarmigan and for those who enjoy fishing the lakes offer char and brown trout. People can enjoy hiking on many of the paths going through the park and there are some mountain cabins where people can spend the night.

norway moose








Blafjella-Skjaekerfjella National Park is the park in which the spruce tree first found its way to Norway. There are many areas which have old-growth forests in the valleys and flora that includes inland and coastal species as well as alpine plants. Among the animal kingdom mammals represent around 28 different species. Visitors can be sure to get a glimpse of lynx, wolverines, brown bear, and gray wolf. However the wolf is seen the least. Deer represent three species among them red deer, moose, and roe deer.



  1. It looks so lovely here!

  2. Norway has wonderful scenery Audrey.

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