Posted by: RasmaSandra | September 10, 2013

Rondane National Park, Norway

rondane reindeer








This is Norway’s oldest national park and it includes ten mountain peaks which rise above 2,000 meters the highest of them being Rondslottet. Rondane National Park is an important habitat for wild reindeer herds. The park lies between Oppland and Hedmark counties. Here you can see lovely white birches and rocks which are covered with lichen and heather. The mountains here are separated by defined valleys. The deepest of the valleys has a narrow lake known as Rondvatnet.










The bedrock within Rondane National Park was created ages ago from a shallow sea floor. Besides the herds of wild reindeer that roam here visitors to the park can see elk, roe deer, wolverines, bears and the occasional wolf. The reindeer rely upon lichen and reindeer moss for their food supply. Visitors to this national park can enjoy hiking and camping in most areas.  It’s a great place also for hunting and fishing. Mountain cabins are available which provide people with limited accommodations and food. If one prefers there are also un-manned cabins. Trails within the park are marked with red so that it’s easy to spot. There are T-trails which go from cabin to cabin and mark the path to the closest peaks to Rondvatnet.

rondane 2








Rondane National Park and its landscapes have been known to inspire lots of Norwegian writers such as Henrik Ibsen whose well-known play Peer Gynt was partially set in Rondane. Another writer Peter Christen Asbjornsen collected Norwegian folk tales and a number of the stories are connected with Rondane. It has also been inspiration for poets such as Aasmund Olavsson Vinje and his poem Ved Rundane.

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