Posted by: RasmaSandra | September 19, 2013

Muddus National Park, Sweden

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Muddus is located in a lowland area which has primeval pine forests and large golden-yellow marshes when autumn comes. There are wetlands around the Muddusjaure Lake and here you can find many birds. The best known bird in the park is the whooper swan. Among the animal population there are lynx and bears. Within the park there are areas for rest and relaxation and cabins for spending the night.









Muddus National Park is included in the Laponia World Heritage area and previously won the European Diploma for Nature Conservation. The park was established in 1942 and enlarged in 1984. There is a large area of untouched forest and mires which cover practically half of the park. The terrain is mostly flat and there are only a few peaks. Visitors can see several deep ravines like the Maskoskarsa. Around Muddusjaure Lake there is a swamp with a bird protection area. There is interesting flora which includes rare orchids.

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One of the easiest ways to get to the park is by road from Liggadammen. A hiking trail leads to Muddus Falls and Maskokarsa. Paths from Solaure and Sarkavare also connect with the park’s trail system. The park offers four overnight cabins and two simpler tourist huts found along the trails. For bird watchers a bird observation tower at Muddusloubbal offers views over the marshes. Access is prohibited to areas around Lake Muddusjaure, Sorstubba and Maskokarsa River each year from March 13 to July 31 in order to protect nesting birds.

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