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Neusiedler See-Seewinkle National Park, Austria

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A wonderful national park with meadows, pastures, saltponds, reedbeds and a lot of flora and fauna to delight the eye. The Neusiedler See-Seewinkle National Park was established in 1993. The steppe lake in this park is located between the easternmost parts of the Alps  and the western part of the Small Hungarian Plain. This area in known as Seewinkel. Cutting right through this area is the national border between Austria and Hungary. The most fascinating thing about this area is that it has a diversity of habitats like Alpine, Pannonic, Asian, Mediterranean, and Nordic.

For visitors there are exciting excursions which are offered in various languages to help people discover the charms of the Seewinkle area. This national park is divided up into six areas: Apetion-Lange Lacke, Illmitz-Holle, Podersdorf-Karmazik, Sandeck-Neudegg, Waasen-Hansag, and Zitzmannsdorfer Wiesen. Among its habitats are Lake Neusiedl, the reed bands, salt pans which periodically dry up, small sandy beaches, meadow land and pastures.









In the Zitzmannsdorger Wiesen Conservation Zone one can see extensive meadowland. For Visitors there is a bike paths which goes along the embankment between Weiden and Podersdorf. Where there are now saline meadows and reed beds once the village of Zitzmannsdorf stood. It was destroyed by the Turks in 1529. Here you can find botanical treasures such as the Astragalus exscapus, Feather Grass, Pygmy Iris or Austrian Sage. Birds attracted to the small, seasonal pools are the Black-tailed Godwits, Common Redshanks, Western Curlews and Lapwings. In some of the parts of this meadowland one can find a rare moth Chondrosoma fiduciarium.

Illmitz Holle Conservation Zone offers saline lakes, meadowland, lake shore, and the reed belt. On the lake shore south of Podersdorf is pastureland which is a nesting area for hundreds of Greylag geese and Black-winged Stilts. At the saline lakes „Stinkersee” and in the wet meadows visitors can find lots of wading birds. Along the saline lake one can find Common Terns, Avocets, and Kentish plovers which nest here. Shore areas with little vegetation are inhabited by the South Russian Tarantula. Przewalski’s horses are used for pasturing the lakeshore area.

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Sandeck-Neudegg Conservation Zone – This wetland area of the Neusledler See south of Illmitz and Apetion includes periodically flooded meadows, reed beds, and small stands of trees. Birds found here include Great White Egrets, Spoonbills, different duck and geese species and reed-dwelliing songbirds. There are mammals such as the roe deer, red deer, and wild boar.

Apetion-Lange Lacke Conservation Zone contains small saline lakes and meadows to the south, saline lakes and Hutwelde pasture land to the northeast. Visitors can see resting areas here of lots of migratory birds such as There, Lapwings, and Redshanks which nest on the Hutweide. Marsh Harriers and Coots nest in the reed bed. You can also see Hamsters, European Ground Squirrels and Steppe Polecats. Rare plants found here are the Sea Wormwood and the Camphor-fume. Thousands of geese come together at the Lange Lacke to roost from mid-October. Mostly the Greylag Geese.

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Wassen-Hansag Conservation Zone is a rather small area and includes fallow land. The Burgenland government designated this the nesting area of the Great Bustard in 1973. Here one can also view Quails, Curlews, Short-eared Owls, Stonechats, and Red-Backed Shrikes. Among rare plants are the Bog Orchid and the Purple Moorgrass. In the wintertime one can observe the Rough-Legged Buzzards, Northern Harriers, Merlins, and White-Tailed Eagles. 


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