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Bukk National Park, Hungary

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Bukk National Park is the largest national park in Hungary. It is a lovely park which offers visitors lush forests, majestic mountains with cliffs and canyons. Bukk Hills offer a lot of fauna and flora. There are many species of plants and animals which can only be found in this part of Hungary. In Bukk there are around ninety species of birds which make their home here. Bukk Mountain is the central mountain range in north eastern Hungary and is bounded by the Sajo River. Here one can find the streams named Eger and Ban and the Great Hungarian Plain. Among the animals found here are deer and wild boar. This area also has gigantic caves which can be explored. Within the national park you can also find a whole network of forest cycle paths. There are three narrow gauge railways Szalajka Valley, Lillafured, and Felsotarkany and have over 28 miles of tracks. The Istvanlapa Cave is the deepest cave in Hungary at a depth of over 800 feet and it is 2 ½ miles long.

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The two caves which are open to visitors are the dripstone Szent Istvan Cave and the limestone Anna Cave. Altogether there are more than 300 caves in the Bukk Mountains. These show evidence of prehistoric settlement. Visitors can take a look at the Folk Museum at Oszla which is found in a peasant house that was built at the beginning of the 20th century. There is the Millennium Nature Trail and lookout tower which gives great views of the area.

The Hungarian Hills just about border the Carpathian Mountains. Here one can see the Ural Owl. The White-backed Woodpecker and the Pallas’ Fritillary (a special kind of butterfly) all of which indicate that the Carpathians are nearby. Other birds here are the Black Stork, Saker Flacon, Imperial Eagle, Lesser Spotted Eagle, and Short-Toed Eagle. Nine different kinds of Woodpecker live here and other birds common to this area are the Hawfinch, Collared Flycatcher, and Barred Warbler. Even though the forests appear to be endless there are meadows, vineyards, orchards and some small arable land. There are also many songbirds and insects.

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For families visiting the park there are cottages and holiday rentals available which are all well equipped for all your needs. The surroundings are peaceful and tranquil and you can participate in bird watching and even painting. There are guided tours available to explore the historic caves found here. Peaceful strolls can be had in the thick beech tree forests. Visitors can also take a look at the historic town of Eger and the town of Miscolo which features the International Opera Festival in the summertime.


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