Posted by: RasmaSandra | November 15, 2013

Kapaonik National Park, Serbia

kop 4








The biggest mountain massif in Serbia is the Kopaonik also known as the Silver Mountain. Part of the Kopaonik Mountain Surface has become a protected zone within the Kapaonik National Park. Not only is this a national park but it is also the biggest and most important ski center in Serbia. Kopaonik Mountain provides 160 days of snow cover and altogether there are 50 km of ski runs. Ski fans will discover that there are 24 ski-lifts and gondolas with 70 km of ski slopes for all level skiers.

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Kopaonik National Park has got the most modern hotels and ski related facilities. It has become one of the most popular ski destinations for tourists in Serbia and southeast Europe. Visitors can find hiking tours on which one can come face to face with animal species such as fallow deer, wild cats and birds like the gray falcon and the eagle.

There are many trees and plant species such as the Balkan beech, fir, spruce, yew and various kinds of pine, oak and maple. Among the birds species you can find rock partridges, red-backed shrikes, scops owls, and wood larks.

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Kopaonik National Park is mostly a destination for those who are interested in skiing and snowboarding. Along with a luxurious hotel and entertainment at the resort center visitors will also find lots of cafes, bars, and night clubs. The entire national park has extraordinary beauty, vast grasslands, picturesque forests and deep river gorges.

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