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Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia









This lovely national park has a series of lovely lakes, caves and waterfalls. There are 16 interlinked lakes between Mala Kapela Mountain and Pijesevica Mountain and they are further divided up into upper and lower lakes. Plitvice Lakes National Park was founded in 1949 and is located in central Croatia just by the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Animal life here includes bears, wolves, deer, boar, rabbits, foxes and badger. There are also more than 120 species of birds like owls, cuckoos, hawks, thrushes, starlings, kingfishers, wild ducks and herons. One can also find around 20 different bat species. On the occasion one might see black storks and ospreys. 321 different kinds of butterflies go fluttering through the park. Reptiles can also be found such as the viviparous lizard, the European green lizard, the dice snake, and the European pond turtle. Among fish species visitors will find brown trout, common minnows, the European chub and the common rudd as well as crayfish. In the karst caves in this region there are rare olms (a cave dwelling species).

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Plitvice National Park is not only the oldest national park in Croatia but it is also a Unesco World Heritage site. The national park is heavily forested with a great abundance of spruce, beech and fir trees and features a mix of Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation. Here visitors can find 55 different species of orchids.

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There are different paths that visitors can take around the lakes choosing between ranges of difficulty. Views all around are spectacular and there are trail which offer boat and bus transfers to save on walking time. All of the paths are up kept and have wooden planks, gravel, rocks and steps. A good deal of the paths is even wheelchair accessible.

You’ll find snack shops at the entrance to the park and at the exit. There is also a large picnic area which has various food stands and can be reached by ferry across the main lake. If you are looking to stay overnight you can organize for a home stay. Lots of locals are willing to rent bedrooms in their houses and provide food for a price. In the nearby town of Korana there is a camping site which offers clean toilets, a small shop and some dining places. There is bus service to and from the camping site. Another camping site is available in the town of Borje but no bus service.

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