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Krkonose National Park, the Czech Republic








The Krkonose National Park is located in one of the most valuable of all natural areas found in Central Europe. Here visitors will find the highest Czech mountain range the Krkonose which features many unusual ecosystems. There are wonderful things to explore like alpine meadows full of colorful wildflowers. Looking down upon the landscape is the highest Czech mountain called Snezka. For hikers there are many levels of climbing difficulty and all of the hiking trails are specifically marked.

The Krkonose is the northernmost mountain range in Central Europe and it was declared a national park in 1963. Visitors will find the administrative offices in Vrchlabi housed in the lovely rooms of an Augustinian monastery. Here one can also take a look at four historical houses which are located on the town square and visit the Krokonose Museum. The national park is on the UNESCO list of biosphere reserves.

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One of the best ways to get acquainted with this national park is along the marked trails of Obri dul to Snezka. Here visitors can see the expansive alpine landscape far and wide. When climbing the highest mountain Snezka you can look down into the Obri dul Valley and once you get up to the top of the mountain you will be able to see almost half of Bohemia. On the southern slope of Studnicni Mountain you will discover the place which is known Map of the Republic. Here is a magical place where right in the middle of green meadows and dwarf pine forests there is a field of snow and as the snow begins to melt it forms into the shape of a map of the Czech Republic.

In the mountain zones there are spruce forests, vast grasslands, ferns and wildflowers in the meadows. In the alpine zone there are stony screes, grass and lichen tundra. Among wildlife found here are red deer, roe deer, fox, pine marten, stone marten, badger and also various species of birds and numerous species of insects.

When you visit Krkonose National Park remember that it can get quite cold here. There are times when a 5m snow bank doesn’t melt completely. Here you will discover one of the harshest climates in all of Europe. A pleasant hike can be taken along the Rychory nature trail where you can see nature at its best other trails to follow are Cervenohorske raseliniste or Red Mountain Peat Moor and Certuv dul or Devil’s Valley. Following a marked hiking trail starting at Horni Misecky you can hike all the way to the source of the Elbe River.

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Take a fantastic walk between two countries along the Path of Czech-Polish Friendship which runs along the border. Here visitors will be delighted to see the deep gorges of Snezne jamy or Snowy Hollow, lovely mountain peat moors and meadows filled with wildflowers. If you decide to hike along one of the popular hiking routes which leads to the Labsky dul Valley you’ll see the highest waterfall in the Czech Republic – Pancavsky Waterfall where water falls into the valley from a height of up to 250 meters.

To experience all there is to experience and to delight the eye in Krkonose National Park just choose one of the many starting points like Spindleruv Mlyn. This is the most famous Czech winter resort and in the summer is a great starting point for exploring this national park. There are also cycling and hiking trails from Harrachov, Pec pod Snezkou. You can ride a cableway to the very top of Cerna hora or Black Mountain from the spa town Janske Lazne.  Visitors can find great accommodations at hotels in the surrounding area and fine dining at the restaurants there.

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