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Tatras National Park, Slovakia

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This national park is located in northern Slovakia between the river valleys of Vah in the north and Hron in the south. It is the oldest national park in Slovakia and was founded in 1949.There are fantastic untouched forests, wonderful views, waterfalls and lots of fauna. Visitors come here to go hiking, engage in sports activities and climb to the peaks of the High Tatras for awesome views. Anyone can take up a real hiking challenge by crossing the main ridge which stretches for 50 miles. The start of your journey begins in Donovaly and ends in Certovica and it takes five days. As you go along you’ll stop to rest and sleep in huts and take in the beauty of nature in the mountains. The highest peak in the Low Tatras is Dumbier from which on a clear day you can see Hungary and practically all of Slovakia.

Other popular routes:

  • In the north there is the city of Liptovsky Mikulas. It is a great city for families and sports enthusiasts. You can take part in activities like paragliding, rafting, and skiing. You’ll also find thermal parks around here.
  • Nearby you’ll find Demanovska Valley from which you can get to winter ski resorts which have many chalets and family-owned guesthouses.
  • On the south is Bystra Valley.
  • The village of Donovaly in the west which is preferred for summer mountain tourism and winter skiing and counts as one of the most important gateways to the Low Tatras and to Big Fatra.

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Besides all of this there are also many caves which are accessible to visitors such as the Cave of Dead Bats and Demanovska Ice Cave. Altogether there are 840 km of hiking trails and 50 cycling routes for road, cross and mountain bikes.

Nature and wildlife lovers will discover the chamois or mountain goat here. These goats are active during the day and you can see them in the summer time near hiking trails. There are several wolf packs prowling the national park. The largest feline found here is the lynx. Also visitors might see the Tatra marmot, red deer, and wild boar. Among bird species there is the buzzard and the lesser spotted eagle. Be careful of the common viper which is a poisonous snake.

Among the plant kingdom the mountains here feature 900 species of algae, 1,000 of lichens and 1,300 of different kinds of plants some of which are on the endangered species list.


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