Posted by: RasmaSandra | January 19, 2014

Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina

SUT  maglic-peak-2386m-highest-peak-bosnia-26717278

This is one of the oldest national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the highlights of this park is that it’s famous for the Parisian victory over the Germans in WWII. To commemorate this happening you can find large stone monuments here. Sutjeska National Park is home to one of the last two remaining primeval forests in Europe, known as Perucica. Here you can find beech trees which stand more than 60 meters tall and endemic black pines which stem from the rocky faces which protect this ancient forest. Some of the trees here are 300 years old. From a look-out point visitors can view Skakavac waterfall dropping down from about 75 meters. This lovely waterfall is surrounded by the thick green trees which cover the valley. The valley has been carved by the Sutjeska River running through the middle of the national park and it divides Zelengora or Green Peaks Mountain from the Maglic and Volujak Mountains. The Piva and Drina rivers are the largest in the park and form the north-western border. The park is an affiliated member of EUROPARC Federation.

The highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina is Maglic and it’s located right on the border with Montenegro. It offers a very challenging climb for hikers. A great experience for hikers is Zelengora Mountain and it has several mountain huts for rest and relaxation. The mountain also has nine glacial lakes referred to as “eyes of the mountain” and deep canyons offering clear mountain water. Visitors can experience white water rafting on the Tara River. Among the fauna in the park are the butterfly species Lepidoptera, amphibians, reptiles and about 36 different species of fish. There are also 18 kinds of mammals and many different bird species. You will also find around 100 species of edible fungi.

Animals making their home here are bears, chamois, wolves, pine and mink martens, wild cats, foxes, and wild goats. These animals have been seen in the park and in the Perucica forests. Among the birds seen here are the golden eagle, grouse, grey hawk. blackbird, and Greek partridge.

For sports enthusiasts Tjentiste is home to a sports-recreation center offering courts for football, athletics, basketball, volleyball, and handball and there is an incredible outdoor pool. Another favorite activity is camping along the Sutjeska River. Camping is allowed in designated areas and only with the approval of the supervisory board of NP Sutjeska.  The most visited camping sites are on Tjentiste, Lake Orlovacko and Suva Gora. For families with furry members, dogs can enjoy a walk in the park.

SUT kotlanicko-lake-sutjeska-national-park-15127453


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