Posted by: RasmaSandra | January 25, 2014

Kozara National Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Kozara National Park was established in 1967. It is located in a wonderful area which has a lot of sunny days, and a humid continental climate. Visitors can enjoy lush, green and deep forests and meadows filled with flowers. Right in the center of the national park is Mrakovica. This is a memorial area which has museums, a memorial monument and a wall upon which are engraved the names of Yugoslav partisans who died in this area during WWII. The Memorial Monument is to commemorate those killed in war and the local population from this region who were deported to Nazi concentration camps during WWII. The monument is the artistic work of artist Dusan Dzamonja.


Kozara Mountain has several rivers the Una, Sana, Saya, and Vrbas. Visitors can take part in activities like hunting, picking herbs and cycling. There are 180 square kilometers of popular hunting ground where one can hunt deer, pheasants, foxes, boars, hares and ducks. Another part of the park is for nature lovers where they can hike and walk and if they wish climb the mountains.

Kozara Mountain is found in the northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and has an abundance of flora and fauna as well as forests with deciduous and coniferous trees, meadows, and clear streams. In the wintertime people can participate in skiing and other winter sports.

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  1. What a beautiful place!

  2. Amazing that tourist usually crowd to the well-known tourist spots and a lot of times miss places like this Audrey.

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