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Pindos National Park, Greece









Pindos also known as Valia Calda National Park includes a section of the mountain range of Pindos. Valia Calda means “warm valley”. The park has dense forests and was established in 1966. There are many fascinating things to see like high peaks, rocky mountain ridges, lots of springs and mountain lakes and even rushing rivers. This is a natural reserve for lots of different species of animals and plants.

Visitors to this national park can experience the wild beauty of the forests and explore the villages of Greveniti, Flampourari and Vovousa. You can see the beauty of the crystal clear waters of the rivers in the forest area called Aoos and the rapidly flowing waters of the Arkoudorema River. There are forests of black pine and beech pine. At the highest heights of the mountains there are alpine meadows. There are lots of small lakes with the largest one being Lakkos at Avgo at 1600 m.

Pindos National Park is home to lots of different wild animals. Here lots of species are protected and the forest also includes 415 species of plants and 86 species of mushrooms. Here rare mammals can make their home without fear of man such as bears, wild cats, lynx, deer and wild goats and in the rivers otters. Night life in the forest includes lots of bats up to five different types. The national forest is made up of the center and circumference. Visitors are allowed to walk in the center but cannot open up new paths. Absolutely no digging or destruction of any kind is allowed. If you wish to go kayaking or rafting on the rivers you need to have a special clearance from the local forestry.

Among the bird population here you will find the imperial eagle, griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture and the rare lanner falcon. There are also eight woodpecker species. You will also discover amphibians here like salamanders and reptiles like vipers. Fish found in the Arcoudorema River is salmo trutta.

A tradition in this part of the country is sheep rearing and from May to September over 8,000 goats, sheep and cattle graze here. Lots of campers and hikers come from the nearby villages to fish at the Arcoudorema.

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