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Historic Chester on the River Dee

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Chester is located on the River Dee and is a lovely and historic city in the North-Western county of Cheshire in England. When you visit and tour this city it is well worth seeing the Roman walls and the market town. Chester is also the gateway to North Wales. Other things to see are the amphitheatre at Vicars Lane, and the Roman Gardens. These are all left behind as signs of history since Chester was once one of the great military bases in Roman England.

A resident of Chester is known as a “Cestrian” and in order to be called by this name residents must have been born within the city’s Roman walls. There are parts of Chester which are about two thousand years old and as you walk along the walls you can see the tower from which once King Charles I watched his troops in battle.

There are lots of interesting and lovely places to see. Take a walk along the riverside. The Groves is a riverside promenade that runs along the River Dee from Grosvenor Park to the Old Hand Bridge. This is also the best place to take a trip down the river in your vessel of choice from a motorized tour-boat to a row boat or even a pedalo.

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A specific medieval feature is The Rows. These are double-level walkways with a continuous line of balconies. Shops are located at street and first-floor levels.

Grosvenor Park is a classical, 19th century designed park which has a typical Victorian layout. There are formal avenues that are lined with trees, sweeping lawns surrounded by ornamental shrub beds and bedding plants. Since the park is located near the River Dee there are great views over the river to the meadows and Queen’s Park.

Chester Zoo is well worth looking at. It is among the best in Europe. They have a world-class elephant collection and there is a unique bat cave. There are more than 11,000 animals to view and 400 different species.

Grosvenor Museum offers an exhibit on the city’s Roman heritage.

The Cheshire Military Museum has displays about the county’s military past, along with archives, a shop and changing exhibitions.


You can get to know the city better by taking an open-top bus tour.

For some real excitement go to the Chester Racecourse which was once the site of a Roman port. Races are hosted a few times during the year. It counts as the oldest racecourse still in use in England dating back to the 16th century.

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