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Malmo, Sweden

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Most likely if I suggested you visit Malmo, Sweden you’d probably look at me kind of funny because this is not one of the most popular cities that you hear about in Europe. However it certainly is worth a visit and tourists come from all over the world to see the “capital” of the Swedish southernmost province Skane. One of the things that make Malmo unique is that it is so close to Copenhagen, Denmark connected by the Oresund Bridge, the motorway and link by railway. Taking a train from the center of Malmo in 35 minutes you’ll be in Copenhagen and it’s just 22 minutes to the Copenhagen Airport. So you can chose to visit two cities in two different countries at one time if you like. In the meantime you can take a look at all of the great attractions that Malmo has to offer.

Among the popular attractions in Malmo is Stortoget the city center square surrounded by the Old Town or Gamla Staden. Here on the square you’ll see a statue of King Charles X. Stortoget was built in 1536. The bronze water sculpture here shows the location of the old city well.

Not a dull moment when you get to the Lilla Torg houses which are the very center of Malmo’s nightlife. Lilla Torg is a square that is surrounded by building built between 1600 – 1800. Here you’ll find lovely crafts, plenty of food, mall-style shopping and other kinds of entertainment Visitors enjoy Gamla Vaster lying to the west of Lilla Torg. Here they find very low houses and brick buildings that have been painted in every imaginable color of the rainbow. Among the private residences are also cafes and shops.

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A building worth taking a look at is Malmo City Hall which was built in 1546. Lots of changes affected this building in the 19th century. You won’t go hungry here as next door down in the basement there is the Radhuskallaren Restaurant, where you will find delicious Swedish cuisine.

There is nothing as exciting as finding an amusement park in the city. For family fun visit Malmo’s Folkets Park featuring family rides and a fun atmosphere from April till September. Here you’ll see some animals, children can enjoy play areas and there’s even a flea market.

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Take a look at St. Peter’s Church which is the oldest building in the city dating back to the 14th century. It is located in Stortoget the city center square. There are lots of details to delight in, inside the church. Afterwards go to the Tradesmen’s Chapel to view historic paintings. This is the place especially for anyone who is particularly interested in the Renaissance.

Here you’ll also find Sweden’s oldest Renaissance castle. Malmohus Castle is home to four interesting museums – the Malmo City Museum, Natural History Museum, Konstmusset an art museum and the Science and Maritime House Museum. The castle has been a fortress, a castle, a prison and now houses these great museums.

  • The Malmo City Museum – offers the history of Malmo and the surrounding area.
  • The Natural History Museum – features a wonderful aquarium and stuffed animals.
  • The Konstmusset – has the largest collection of 20th century Nordic art in Sweden.
  • The Science and Maritime House – displays trams, jets, a real U3 submarine and science experiments.

A museum which is not housed in the castle is the Malmo Konsthall at Sankt Johannesgatan. This is a fine art gallery focusing on international exhibitions and has a permanent collection of modern art.

When the day is bright and sunny you can commune with nature in Malmo. The city is famous for its city centre parks – at the moment a total of 16. There are lovely canals winding their way through the older parts of town. Visitors can stroll, bike or even boat. All of the parks are a short distance from each other. So you can choose to have a picnic lunch any time you like.


In the ultra-modern new part of Malmo you’ll find Western Harbour offering amazing views of the 8-kilometer long Oresund Bridge. Stretching its way over to the coastline of Denmark. There is lots of open space to explore including two parks – Scania and Dania. Both of these parks have great park architecture.

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  1. Looks beautiful!

  2. [ Smiles ] Now, that looks like a great place to spend a vacation!

    • So true Renard because it combines the possibility of seeing many unusual things along with ways to completely relax and enjoy nature.

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