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Visiting Ribe

Ribe 2






Whenever anybody thinks about or hears about Denmark most likely the one city they know is the capital, Copenhagen. However there is so much more to this lovely country like the oldest town Ribe. It has a rich Viking history and here you can also take a nature trip to the Wadden Sea or even head out to the small island of Mando. In Ribe itself tourists love to walk through the Ribe Old Town where you go back into history from Medieval times to the Renaissance.

A favorite with visitors Ribe Old Town has over 100 preserved houses, half-timbered architecture, cobblestone streets to explore and narrow alleys leading you back into time. Ribe is not only the oldest town in Denmark but also the oldest in Scandinavia and was founded about 700. It also counts as the best-preserved town of the Danish Middle Ages.
Ribe’s most prominent landmark is Ribe Cathedral. This cathedral has three steeples and is the only five-aisle church in Denmark. Here you can also see the Renaissance house Taarnborg, where hymn writer H.A. Brorson lived. Go on up to the top at the Borgertarnet or Commoner’s Tower from which you can see fantastic views all around.

Learn all about how the town was founded at the Ribe Viking Center. Here visitors can take a walk around a reconstructed true to life Viking estate. You’ll be able to see, work with and talk to the Vikings here.

At the Ribe Art Gallery you’ll be able to view Danish art from 1750 1950. Periods of art here include the Golden Age, Realism, the Skagen Painters, Modernism and the Interwar Period.

A wonderful place to visit is the abbey at Sct. Catharinae where you can stroll about the lovely abbey garden returning to a different place and time.

You can have an active holiday by the sea dike along the Wadden Sea. Here are spectacular views and local flora and fauna. Visitors can ride a bike, gallop on a horse and even sail or canoe. If you prefer you can go fishing or play a round of golf.







A visit to Ribe wouldn’t be complete without taking in Wadden Sea National Park. The Wadden Sea is one of the world’s most important tidal flats. Bird lovers can delight in a the many migrating birds that can be found here in the spring and in the autumn. Every year 10 – 12 million water birds migrate to or from their nesting places in the Wadden Sea. This is also the place to see the largest population of the common seal in Denmark

For families traveling with children there are four interesting playgrounds to explore in Ribe:

  • Minidyrehaven Ribelund – offers lovely surrounding and is close to the train station. Here children can get up close with animals like deer, petting goats, donkeys, horses and small kangaroos. There is even a bird park and an observation tower from which the bird life at the river can be viewed.
  • Ribe Viking Center – offers a mini Viking world for children. They can imagine themselves making wooden nails, gathering firewood and can visit other children in the small houses. In other words they can get really creative here.
  • Monastery Garden playground – found in the center of Ribe by the Monastery Garden and overlooks the meadows. This playground is fenced in and can be of interest to children of different ages.
  • Forest playground in Tange Skov – this is found east of Ribe in Tango forest. It has a BBQ area and two shelters.


As you can tell Ribe has a lot to offer for everyone. So visit this old town and step back into history.

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