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Ulm, Germany


Located in the federal German state of Baden-Wurrtemberg, Ulm is a lovely city right on the River Danube.

ulm munster

The Munster the large Gothic cathedral in Ulm is a most impressive sight. It has an amazing 161.5 meter high steeple, the world’s tallest. It took 500 years to build this cathedral after the first stone was laid in 1377. There are hallmarks on each stone that were inscribed by cutters, who were paid by the block. Visitors can get an impressive view of the city climbing up 768 spiral steps up to the 143 meter high viewing platform of the tower. On a clear day you can see the Black Forest and the Alps.

The Israelfenster, a stained-glass window above the west door, commemorates Jews, who were killed during the Holocaust. Inside is a Gothic-style wooden pulpit canopy which eliminates echoes during sermons. The 15th century oak choir stalls are decorated with Biblical figures and historical characters like Pythagoras.

ulm stadtmauer

Of interest is the red-brick city wall Stadtmauer that runs along the north bank of the Danube. Walking along the wall you’ll have wonderful views of the river, the Altstadt and the colorful tile-roofed Metzgerturm.

ulm bridge

To the east of the Herdbrucke, the bridge to New Ulm is a bronze plaque to Albrecht Berblinger. Berblinger was a tailor who invented a flying machine and tried to fly over the Danube in 1811. He is known as “Tailor of Ulm”. His flying attempt was a failure but later on his design was shown to be workable.

ulm einstein

Albert Einstein was born in Ulm but his family moved when he was one year old. Jurgen Goertz has created an amusing bronze fountain which shows a wild-haired Einstein with his tongue sticking out. Close-by at Zeughaus 14 is a single stone with the inscription Ein Stein or One Stone.

On Bahnhofstrasse you can find Max Bill’s 1979 monument to Einstein – a stack of red-granite pillars marking the spot where Einstein was born.
ulm marktplatzulm rathausulm rathaus 2

Overshadowing the Marktplatz is the 14th century, step-gabled Rathaus with an ornately painted Renaissance facade and a gilded astrological clock. Inside you’ll find a replica of Albrecht Berblinger’s flying machine. In front is the Fischkastenbrunnen – a fountain where fishmongers used to keep their catch during market days.

ulm libraryulm library 2

Behind the Rathaus is the Zentralbibliothek, the city’s main library designed by Gottfried Bohm. The library is an impressive glass pyramid.

ulm ulmerulm ulmer 2

Ulmer Museum displays ancient and modern art, history and archaeology. Highlights include the 20th century Kurt Fried Collection with artworks by Klee, Picasso and Lichtenstein. Archaeological highlights include tiny Upper Paleolithic figurines that were found in caves in the Swabian Alps, including the 30,000 year old ivory Lowenmensch or Lion Man which is the world’s oldest zoomorphic sculpture.

ulm fishcerulm crooked house

Take a stroll through the charming old fishers’ and tanners’ quarter Fischerviertel. Here you can see lovely restored half-timber houses lined along the two channels of the Blau River. Here you’ll discover art galleries, rustic restaurants, courtyards and the most crooked house in the world as well as the narrowest cobbled lanes.

ulm stadthaus

The concrete and glass Stadthaus was designed by Richard Meier. It looks most striking against Ulm’s Gothic cathedral. There are exhibitions displayed here and events take place. The house is also home to a tourist office and a cafe.

ulm kunsthalle

The Kunsthalle Weishaupt displays the private collection of Siegfried Weishaupt. There is a special accent places on modern and pop art and bold paintings by Kein, Warhol and Haring.

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