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The Wonder of Hyden and Kondinin

hyhy white can

While in Western Australia it is wonderful to visit the attractions in and near the town of Hyden. The town is surrounded by farmland and wheat fields. At Hyden’s wildlife park you can meet up with rare white kangaroos and koalas. The town also offers visitors hotels for overnight stays, bistros, bakeries, cafes and restaurants. There is also a choice of motels and cottages, a backpackers hostel and caravan park.

hy lace

While you’re in Hyden visit The Lace Place which has an extensive lace collection that dates back to the 1600s. Here you’ll find many handmade antique gowns and wedding dresses. There is even a cut off from Princess Diana’s wedding veil. It is located in the Wildflower Shoppe and Tourist Information Center.

hy kohy wild

While in the region you can also visit the historic farming town Kondinin which counts as the gateway to granite country and the famous Wave Rock. Kondinin sits right in the heart of wheat and sheep farming country. It also connects visitors to the Granite and Woodland Discovery Trail to explore the world’s largest and healthiest temperate woodland. Of interest there is also the wildflower-filled Yeerakine Rock. If you visit in the months of September and October you’ll see the most colorful and largest collection of wildflowers on Earth. The Kondinin Bush Walk takes people through 50 hectares of natural woodland to nearby Kondinin Lake – a popular bird watching, water skiing and wind surfing spot.

hy bushhy gazebo

This town also takes visitors for a walk through history, following the Bush Schools Trail or the J.S. Roe Heritage Trail passing by an amazing mural that depicts his epic 1848 journey, a replica well and some fine examples of the town’s original architecture. Other attractions include an 18-hole golf course that surrounds Woorkakanin Rock. You can rest for a bit at the Women’s Suffrage gazebo and garden and if you wish to stay overnight the town has hotel/motel and bed and breakfast accommodations and a caravan park and camping grounds.

hy hippo

Not far from the town of Hyden visitors can see Hippo’s Yawn a rock which looks like a yawning hippo. After exploring the rock you can enjoy some coffee at the coffee shop, visit the wildlife park and check out the replica Pioneer Town.

hy wavehy wave 2

The most spectacular attraction is the 27 million year old Wave Rock. It is made up of grey and red granite strips and hangs over everything just like an amazing 15 meter high wave that is about to break. All about you can also see different granite rock plants, ancient Sheoaks, Lichen Carpets, Creeping Mosses and Sticky Drosera insect eater plants. The Wave Rock has become a major tourist attraction.

hy mulka

Close-by you can find Mulka’s cave with walls covered with a collection of more than 420 ancient rock paintings that tell the story of a local Aboriginal legend. The name Mulka comes from an Aboriginal legend that is associated with the cave. Mulka was the illegal son of a woman who fell in love with a man to whom marriage was forbidden according to the law. As a result of breaking these rules supposedly the woman bore a son with crossed eyes. He did grow to become a strong man but because of his crossed eyes he couldn’t accurately aim a spear and become a successful hunter. The legend says that Mulka became frustrated and started catching and eating human children and became a terror of the area. He went to live in the cave which then became Mulka’s Cave and the imprints of his hands can still be seen. They are much larger and higher than that of an ordinary man.

hy roehy rock

Visitors can get a picturesque view over the town of Narembeen from Roe Lookout. There is an old well dating back to the mid-1800s. Early settlers came to the area to get drinking water from this well and it still supplies water today. In the lovely surrounding of nature you can have a picnic and walk around the summit of Emu Rock Hill Rock, where the lookout is located.  

hy purplehy nareembeen

The wonderful town of Narembeen is located in the central wheat belt and was established in the early 1900s. You can learn of its history in several museums and the old Cumminin homestead. Narembeen is mostly a farming town. The region has many lovely, purple flowered jacaranda trees and native merritt trees grow in abundance. These trees were historically used by Aboriginal people to make spears since they are strong, straight wood. At the Grain Discovery Center there are interactive displays that tell the story of Western Australia’s grain industry from the paddock to the plate.

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