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Lagos, Nigeria


Our armchair travels now take us from Northern Africa into Western Africa. Our first stop is Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea. It has many natural landmarks, wildlife reserves and lovely beaches for sunbathing.

lagos beach

Lagos, Nigera is the country’s largest city. Its financial center is Victoria Island which is also known for its beach resorts, boutiques and nightlife.

lagos badagry

Badagry Black Heritage Museum is located in the ancient town of Badagry,  The museum has found a home in the former district officer’s office dating from 1863. Here you can see the history of slavery through hundreds of artifacts and historical relics which chronicle over 300 years of the slave movement through Lagos. From the early 1500s slaves were transported from West Africa to the Americas through Badagry. The journey of this movement will take you through nine galleries with trade documents, photos, sculptures among other artifacts from the city’s dark past.

lagos tinubu

Tinubu Square is named after Madam Tinubu, a Nigerian businesswoman and patriot. She lived in this area in the 19th century and was born in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Western Nigeria.

lagos tinubu 2

The square is located by Broad Street, CMS, Marina and the Brazilian quarters on Lagos Island.

lagos 3 mainland

The longest bridge in Africa and the longest of the three bridges in Lagos is the Third Mainland Bridge.

lagos eko bridge

The other two bridges are Eko Bridge

lagos carter bridge

and the Carter Bridge. This bridge connects Lagos Island with the mainland. It measures around 11, 8 km long and was built by Nigerian construction company Julius Berger and opened in 1990 by President Ibrahim Babangida.

lagos elecko beach 2

Just a short 45 minute drive from Lago’s most affluent neighborhood Ikoyi will take you to Eleko Beach. This is a beautiful palm-lined beach with several small privately owned beach huts. It gets very active on weekends when vendors sell fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, prawns and arts and crafts. Visitors can rent a hut for the day and get someone to make a barbecue. If you prefer there are also places to enjoy a meal and some bars.

lagos terra kulture.jpg

Terra Kulture is a privately owned educational and recreational center. It is just the place for art lovers, culture lovers and those who enjoy everything African. It is located in the Victoria Island area of Lagos City. It also has a mini library and information center on Nigeria and Africa. For its members there are plenty of books, journals and magazines, wireless Internet facilities and flat screen computers.

lagos terra kulture 2

It offers visitors the opportunity to see Nigerian arts and crafts on display and to learn about Nigerian cultures and languages. There is also a multi-purpose hall with facilities for drama presentations, conferences and seminars. You can get a taste of Nigerian cuisine in the restaurant. In the art shop visitors can get a look at tie and dye making, pottery, mat weaving, bastik making and much more.

lagos national-museum

The National Museum Lagos was established in 1957 and has an impressive collection in archaeology, ethnography and traditional art. It is located in Onikan, Lagos. The main highlights here are the galleries that are dedicated to brasses from Benin City, Nok Terracottas and much more. Visitors can find a gallery dedicated to traditional symbols of power with carved ivory and a royal host of crowns. It also has on display the bullet-riddled car in which the country’s former Head of State – General Murtala Mohammed was assassinated in 1976. The museum also has a small crafts village with woodcarvings and other handicrafts for sale.

lagos silverbird

The Silverbird Cinema and Galleria can be found at Ahmadu Bello Way on Victoria Island. This is a most modern place to do your shopping. The mall includes several cinemas and has a space on the ground floor for dance competitions, parties and other ways of entertainment. There are bookstores, boutiques, a bowling center and other kinds of services.

lagos freedom

Freedom Park on Lagos Island is the creative idea of Lagos-born architect and visionary, Theo Lawson. He transformed a colonial prison into a symbol of freedom. At one time the colonial prison was a place of imprisonment and torture for those who opposed colonial rule by the British.

lagos freedom 2

Today it is a memorial leisure park dedicated to preserving Lagos colonial heritage and the history of the Old Board Street prison. The park is also a venue for events and recreational entertainment.

The National Arts Theater was constructed in 1976 and hosted the Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) in 1977. It is a multi-purpose national monument for the preservation, presentation and promotion of Nigerian arts and culture. It is on the mainland of Lagos and since it was constructed during the military regime of General Olusegun Obasanjo it has been shaped to look like a military hat. Today it’s a landmark that stands out from the rest in the city. The auditorium can seat up to 3000 people and there is a conference hall for 800. The hall is equipped with facilities for simultaneous translation of eight languages. On the premises are two cinemas, a restaurant and a bar.

lagos whispering

Whispering Palms is a conference resort center that sits on around 8 acres of land in Iworo, Badagry, Local Government Area of Lagos State. The resort gets cooling breezes from the Atlantic Ocean, has sillica sands, palm trees and chirping birds.

lagos whispering croc

There is an ecological beach and aquatic tourism where tourists can see some exotic animals and birds like monkeys, turtles, crocodiles and peacocks in a mini zoo.

lagos whispering 3

Whispering Palms offers beach huts, many mini gardens with Nigerian carvings and art work among them bronze heads of different Yoruba deities. Hotel accommodations range from luxury to simple, clean rooms. You can sit along the water’s edge or by a swimming pool.

lagos LaCampagneTropicanaBeachResort1

Another tranquil paradise can be found at the La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort an hour’s drive from Victoria Island. This resort has a blend of natural environments including a fresh water lake, mangrove forest, savannah, extensive sandy beach and the Atlantic.

The beach resort provides world class accommodation and great cuisine. There is a spa and gym with personal trainers. Guests get entertained by cultural dance displays. Other activities include hiking, hunting, horse riding, canoeing, ocean fishing, aqua aerobics, beach volleyball and football and much more.

lagos yankari warthog

Take the time to enjoy The Yankari National Park which is one of the most famous game reserves in Nigeria, located near Gagi River, south-east of Bauchi Town. The park was established in 1956 and opened to the public in 1962.

lagos Yankari-National-Park-bauchi-citygist-net

The reserve stretches over 2,058 sq. km. of savannah woodland that is home to elephants, primates, waterbucks, bushbucks, oribi, crododiles, hippos and different kinds of monkeys among others. The best time to visit is November and May when animals gather around the waterways.

lagos warm spring swimming

The Wikki Warm Springs are lit up during the evenings. These warm springs are a great way to relax after a long day. The spring spouts out from under a bluff and shoots out for 600 ft. to an open territory.

Among the creatures at the recreation center are gigantic saddle bill stork, goliath heron, bateleur falcon, vultures, kingfishers, honey bee eaters.

Different accommodations are close by and there are small stores at Wiki Camp and B as well as tennis courts and squash courts.

lagos alfi mountain

If you enjoy watching different monkeys of all kinds at play head for Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary in the highlands of Cross River State. You’ll find rare chimpanzees, gorillas and drill monkeys.

lagos alfi mountain cross river gorilla

It is also home to the most endangered gorilla subspecies, the Cross River gorilla.

Afi Mountain is also listed as an IBA (Important Bird Area) for Nigeria and hosts one of the largest migratory swallow roosts in Africa.

lagos afi drill

There are community protection patrols with local hunters discouraging shooting and trapping and an education program in the 17 villages surrounding the mountain. Today the sanctuary is the best-protected area for drills in the world.

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  1. Nice one! Good to see Nigeria in a positive light.. the people are equally friendly. Much love and God bless 😇❤🌹

    • Glad you enjoyed the tour. I love doing this armchair travel blog because in this world right now when people cannot always travel safely at least they can see the beauty there is out there and add the places they like to their travel lists until they are sure they can go there. When I started writing about Africa I too was amazed at all the interesting things I discovered through the net and I am happy people enjoy reading. God bless.

  2. beautiful

    • It is an amazingly lovely place. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

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