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Interesting Zimbabwe

zim Harare_Skyline

Harare is the capital of the landlocked country of Zimbabwe in southern Africa.

zim heroes-acre-harare

National Heroes’ Acre is a grandiose obelisk that overlooks the city is located just 7 km from Harare. It was designed with the assistance of North Korea. It is a memorial to the forces who died during the Second Chimurenga.

zim heroes

There’s a giant socialist-realism statue of the unknown soldier (actually three soldiers) which is surrounded by bronze friezes depicting stirring war victories.

Pyongyang-based Mansudae Art Studio is the creator of the monument and is the only organization that is authorized to produce sculptures of North Korean leaders.

zim national gallery

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe is located in the southeast corner of Harare Gardens. This is a wonderful gallery with multiple spaces exhibiting the art of contemporary local, African and international artists. Shows are changed monthly offering a combination of paintings, photos, stone sculptures, masks and carvings. There is a shop where you can purchase crafts and books on Zimbabwean art. Outside is an open-air Shona sculpture garden. You can relax in the cafe.

zim Harare-Gardens-Zimbabwe

Harare Gardens is the city’s largest park. The lawns and flowers are well-maintained and there is a little pond on the north side of the gardens. There is a playground for children. This is also a wedding venue for taking lovely wedding photos.


There is a stage for performances like music and theater every year during the Harare International Festival of Arts. People enjoy the restaurant where they can sit to enjoy the view or take-away food to have picnics on the lawns.

zim delta gallery

Delta Gallery is located in the charming colonial house of Rhodesian painter Robert Paul.

zim delta gallery 2

It is an impressive gallery with art work by contemporary Zimbabwean artists and shows are held monthly. There is a small bookshop.

zim wild lions

Wild Is Life is a wildlife sanctuary for local animal species. It offers visitors a

zim wild elephant

chance to get up close to these rescued animals. Here you can see baby elephants, giraffes, lions and even cheetahs. These animals are treated and later released back into the wild.

zim botanic 2

The National Botanic Gardens is located in the suburbs of Alexandra Park. Visitors enjoy the wide ranges of tree and garden plant varieties. There are species from Zimbabwean woodlands as well as exotic trees and plants from places like South America, India and the Far East.

zim botanic

The lawns are great for picnicking and you can take a stroll or bike around. There is a restaurant on the premises.

zim national archives

The National Archives of Zimbabwe was founded in 1935. This is a repository for the history of Rhodesia and modern Zimbabwe. You can see artifacts, photos, accounts of early explorers and settlers and displays about the Second Chimurenga and pre-colonial Zimbabwe. There are original newspaper clippings from significant moments in history, oil paintings and the first Union Jack flag that was raised in Harare (then known as Fort Salisbury) in 1890.

zim mukuvisi 2

Mukuvisi Woodlands Environmental Center offers visitors a chance to see jungle fauna and flora. It is a great place for animal watching. You can see impalas, giraffes, crocodiles and zebras. It is a great place for bird watching with such birds as the water stork and the red-collared widow-bird.

zim mukuvisi 3

You can enjoy viewing from the platform, take a safari or go on horse safari. It is also possible to walk about or cycle. There are bird walks and guided pony rides.

zim eastgate

Eastgate Center was inspired by the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. This shopping complex was designed based on a termite mound, allowing for natural cooling and ventilation. It was completed in 1996 and uses 10% of the energy of other buildings its size. The complex was designed by Harare architect Mick Pearce, who has worked on similar eco-buildings all over the world.

zim tobacco

Tobacco Floor is the place where farmers on one side sell bales of tobacco to brokers on the other. Tobacco used to be one of the country’s major foreign-exchange earners and it produced the best leaf in the world. Auctions take place from around February to July.

zim doon estate

Tsoko Gallery is a quality art gallery focusing on mixed media and avant-garde art work by the best Zimbabwean artists. It’s located in the Doon Estate complex and its name translates to “monkey” in reference to all of the vervet monkeys that run about the area.

zim sculpture park 2

The Chapungu Sculpture Park was created in 1970 and is a place to showcase local stone sculpture and art. The project was started by architect Roy Guthrie.

zim sculpture park 3

Here you can see the art work of some of the most important stone sculptors in Africa. You can purchase some stone souvenirs here.

 zim chiremba

Chiremba Balancing Rocks there are many places in Zimbabwe that you can find balancing rocks but these are the most famous. They’re located 13 km from southeast of Harare.

zim central babtist

Central Baptist Church is a centrally located church that has several sittings for its Sunday service.

zim lake 3

The amazing Lake Chivero Recreational Park is located by one of Harare’s chief lakes. It is a wonderful place to have a picnic. It is a reserve area for the wildlife that live around the lake. Opened in 1962 it is home to white rhino, wildebeests, sables, warthogs and many bird species. Visitors can take game walks, for fishing or horse riding.

zim game reserve 2

Thetford Game Reserve stretches for 3,300 hectares of lovely countryside and mountain terrain about 30 km outside of Harare. Here visitors will find wildlife and more than 150 species of birds. The game reserve was founded so animals would have a safe place to breed. It is home to buffalo, giraffes, impalas, zebras and rhino. If you prefer you can go on a guided safari.

Exploring Zimbabwe

 zim victoria 2

One of the main reasons visitors come to Zimbabwe is to see the spectacular Victoria Falls, cascading dramatically over black-rock cliffs with steam and mist rising up. Nearby are baboons in the jungle and the Victoria Falls National Park.

zim bula

Bulawayo is a town with fascinating art deco and Victorian regal styles. It has wide tree-lined avenues. It is an industrial and economic hub. It is a green and flowery town with bougainvillea cascading over rooftops and palms all about. There are impressive government buildings.

 zim nyanga 3

Nyanga National Park is home of the Highveld. It sits over 1,800 meters above sea level. There are hulking hills of dolomite rock and suspended boulders. You can see msasa trees and cypresses.

zim samango

It is home to the Old World Samango monkeys with their white-brushed throats. They can be only found in these parts. There are also leopards and lions.

 zim hwange 2

Hwange National Park has 15,000 sq km of protected landscape. There are Kalahari woods and teak groves, grass plains and flood flats all peppered with bulbous termite mounds. Wildlife enjoy the watering hole. You can see hyenas and wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs. There are fossil-spotted rive banks and bubbling hot springs.

zim mana

Mana Pools National Park is fed by the Zambezi River which spills onto the plains and grasses after rainfall creating a patchwork of watering holes and pans during the wet season.

zim mana 4

Animals gather here to drink and you can see crocodiles and hippos.

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  1. Loved seeing these pictures. I really like the baby pictures of these animals. Especially the Baby elephant drinking from its bottle.

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