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Two Fantastic Cities in Belize

belize 2

The greatest thing about an armchair travel blog is that you can just pinpoint a place anywhere in the world and just hop on over there through the Internet. So now that we have enjoyed touring South America and some of the Caribbean Islands close to there.We have arrived in Central America. The first country that we will take a look at is Belize so sit back, get comfortable and hope you enjoy the tour.

School of creole wrasse

Belize is a nation on the eastern coast of Central America. On the east side the country you’ll find the Caribbean Sea and on the west side dense jungle. Offshore is the huge Belize Barrier Reef with hundreds of low-lying islands known as cayes with an abundance of marine life.

Beautiful Belize City

belize belize city

Belize City is a port city that has been divided into north and south banks by the Haulover Creek, opening into the Caribbean Sea.

belize museum

Museum of Belize is a modern museum that gives visitors an overview of the story of this city. It has found its home in the country’s former main jail dating back to 1857. The museum has preserved one cell in its original state, complete with graffiti from inmates. You can see amazing historical photos and documents from the colonial and independence eras.

Upstairs in the Maya Treasures section, there are impressive examples of Maya jade as well as ceramics and sculpture. There are also lots of informative models and explanations of the main Maya sites around the country. In other sections, you can see Belize’s colorful postage stamps and displays on insect life.

belize swing bridge

Swing Bridge is crossed by many people every day. It is said to be the only remaining manually operated bridge of its type in the world. The bridge is a product of Liverpool’s ironworks and was installed in 1923. Today it is rarely opened except if tall boats need to pass by. From the bridge, Haulover Creek is a lovely sight with many small yachts and fishing boats at anchor.

belize st. johns


Close to the Government House, you’ll find St. John’s Cathedral which is the oldest Anglican church in Central America. It was built by slave labor between 1812 and 1820 using bricks that came from Britain as ballast. Inside you can see the ancient pipe organ and Baymen-era tombstones that tell the history of the early days of Belize.

belize government house

Government House is an impressive two-story wooden colonial mansion that was the residence of Britain’s superintendents and governors of Belize from 1814 until 1996. After renovations, it has become the Belize House of Culture. It is one of the oldest houses in Belize and visitors enjoy seeing the historical exhibits, displays of modern Belizean art and the grassy gardens. It was here that at midnight on September 21, 1981, the Union Jack was ceremonially replaced by the Belizean flag to mark the birth of independent Belize. In the garden is displayed the tender from Baron Bliss’ yacht.

belize image factory

Image Factory is the country’s most innovative and exciting art gallery. You can find new exhibits most months of artwork by Belizean artists. Opening receptions are held early in the month on the deck, overlooking Haulover Creek.

belize BTL

BTL Park is a lovely waterside recreation area with food huts that sell local and international cuisine. There is a playground and a walled-in sandy area with access to water. Concerts and cultural events are held here.

belize court house

Take a look at the impressive Court House that was built in 1926 as the headquarters for Belize’s colonial administrators. Today it still serves administrative and judicial functions.

belize battlefield

Right across from the Court House you’ll find Battlefield Park where people love to relax.

belize bliss

Baron Bliss Tomb is located at the tip of the Fort George peninsula. It is the final resting place of Belize’s most famous benefactor.

belize lighthouse

Next to it is Fort George Lighthouse that guides boats into Haulover Creek. It was built with funds from the Baron Bliss estate.

belize hindu

In downtown, you’ll find a simple Hindu temple that serves Belize’s growing Indian community.

 Sensational San Ignacio

belize san ignacio

San Ignacio is a town in the Cayo  District of western Belize, on the banks of the Macal River. This town is linked to the town of Santa Elena by the metal suspension Hawksworth Bridge.

belize iguana 3

Green Iguana Conservation Project this is an excellent program that collects and hatches iguana eggs and raises reptiles till they are past their most vulnerable age. Afterward, the iguanas are released into the wild. Visitors get guided tours were they have the opportunity to handle and pet the iguanas. They also learn a lot about them, their habits and life cycle. During the tour, you also get to follow the medicinal jungle trail, winding through the jungle.

belize cahal pech

Cahal Pech is the oldest-known Maya site in the Belize River Valley. It was settled between 1500 and 1000 BC. The visitor’s center explains its history. Cahal Pech is Mopan and Yucatec Mayan for Place of Ticks. This was a nickname given in the 1950s because the pastures here were grazed by tick-infested cattle.

belize cahal pech 3

Today tourists enjoy seeing this shady area with many trees. Its core area has seven interconnected plazas with Plaza B being the largest. Structure A-1, near Plaza A has the site’s tallest temple.

belize branch mouth

Branch Mouth is the meeting place of the Mopan River, coming from Guatemala and the Macal River, flowing down from Mountain Pine Ridge. The confluence of these rivers forms the beginning of the Belize River. It is a great place for swimming and a rope-pulled boat can get you to the other side of the river.

belize town hall

Town Hall landmark

belize st andrew

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

belize sacred heart

Sacred Heart Church landmark

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  1. beautiful 🙂

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  2. When we visited Belize we spent as little time as possible in the cities, but had a fine time rambling through several Mayan ruins.

    • Sounds interesting. Glad you got some time to visit Belize.

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