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Pittsburgh at the Junction of Three Rivers

pit pennsylvania-tourism-blue-welcome-sign

In our armchair travels, we now enter the northeastern U.S. state of Pennsylvania which offers beautiful mountains, national forests and vast farmland.

pit skyline

We begin with Pittsburgh a city in western Pennsylvania which is located in a lovely spot at the junction of three rivers – the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers join together to form the Ohio River.

pit phipps-conservatory-and

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens have a lot to offer visitors. The botanical gardens were donated to the city by real estate baron Henry Phipps in 1893.

pit phipps

The outdoor gardens surround the central building which is a 13-room Victorian glasshouse offering rotating seasonal exhibits. You can see orchids, bonsai, and other delicate plants.

pit phipps tropical-lead

The gardens also have a Tropical Forest Conservatory and the Center for Sustainable Landscapes.

pit phipps Discovery-Garden--7_1320_620_49_s_c1

The Discovery Garden is fun for children with hands-on activities and they will enjoy the Garden Railroad and the tropical Treasure Island.

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The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of four Carnegie Foundation museums. It is dedicated to educating and entertaining visitors so they can learn more about the natural world.

pit Carnegie-Museum-of-Natural-History-T.-rex

There are exhibits about the earth and its inhabitants and a central exhibit displays a collection of dinosaur fossils and reproductions of that include a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops. The Cretaceous Seaway shows the life of dinosaurs living underwater. There are many different galleries. Children enjoy the interactive exhibits in the Discovery Basecamp and at the Bone Hunter’s Quarry.

pit Carnegie_Science_Center

The huge Carnegie Science Center sits on the north bank of the Allegheny. There are over 250 hands-on exhibits to entertain visitors. The center is very entertaining with the Ropes Challenge indoor climbing and zipline course, the four-story Rangos Omnimax Theater and the Henry Buhl Jr. Planetarium and Observatory.

pit carnegie science center miniature-railroad-resources_1

The Miniature Railroad and Village document the history and culture of Pennsylvania with tiny horse-drawn carriages, cars, trucks, trees, and airplanes including animation.

pit carnegie science requin-submarine_1

You can also see the USS Requin, a WW II submarine with guided tours given by former submariners.

pit university

The Gothic Revival Skyscraper at the University of Pittsburgh is referred to as the Cathedral of Learning. It hovers over the campus at 535 feet tall and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

pit university skyscraper

This 42-story high building is the world’s second-tallest university building. Today it is home to the university’s current educational facilities and has a food court for visitors.

pit frick Clayton-Exterior-1_preview

Clayton Frick family mansion

The Frick Art and Historical Center is a complex of museums and historical buildings.

pit frick art museum 2

The highlight here is Frick Art Museum that displays the art collection of Helen Clay Frick.  You can see artwork from the early Renaissance to the end of the 18th century. There are also sixteenth-century tapestries and Chinese porcelains.

pit dus incline


Dusque Incline

Since 1877 people who live in the Duquesne Heights and Mount Washington sections of Pittsburgh have been taking the funicular railway. The cars offer great views of the city. Making use of two original 1877 cable cars, the Duquesne Incline is a working museum, the upper station has photos and displays on the history of the incline.

pit mount

Heading for the Mount Washington neighborhood

The Mount Washington neighborhood is one of the city’s most popular areas with grand homes and fine restaurants.

pit zoo entrance

The Pittsburgh Zoo has five unique habitats and an aquarium. The PPG Aquarium is home to seahorses, sharks, and even a flock of penguins.

pit zoo sea lions

The Water’s Edge area is dedicated to education about coastal wildlife and environmental concerns. It is home to polar bears and sea otters. At the Tropical Forest, you can see two-toed sloths, lemurs, capuchin monkeys, and poison dart frogs. The Islands exhibit focuses on endangered species among them Galapagos turtles and clouded leopards.

pit zoo lions

The African Savannah is home to Masai giraffes, lions, rhinoceroses, African elephants, and zebras.

pit Pitt-Strip-District-886x590

The Strip District on the Allegheny River located in the north-east corner of the Golden Triangle was once home to warehouses and railroad installations. Today it is one of the city’s main tourist attractions. You can find plenty of places for shopping, dining, and art. There are many small boutiques and for people watching come on Saturdays.

pit golden

The Golden Triangle is the heat of Pittsburgh located at the junction of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers.

pit point state fountain

At its very tip, you’ll find Point State Park which has one of the country’s largest fountains, symbolizing the birth of the Ohio River.

pit Fort-Pitt-Museum-Exterior

It was the site of Fort Pitt where only a blockhouse remains. You can see the fort’s original appearance in dioramas at the Fort Pitt Museum. The 36-acre park commemorates the British settlement of the frontier outpost.

pit Andy_Warhol_Museum


The Andy Warhol Museum has the largest collection of artwork by Andy Warhol, who is the city’s most famous artist and American pop-art pioneer. Visitors can see exhibits about his career as a painter, filmmaker, record producer, stage designer, author, and magazine publisher. The museum is housed in a restored warehouse and also hosts events and classes. It is committed to promoting contemporary art and sponsors research and scholarships.

pit carnegie museum of art

Carnegie Museum of Art is one of Pittsburgh’s most internationally recognized institutions. It has extensive collections of Impressionist and post-Impressionist art, American and European paintings for the past two centuries, sculpture, decorative art, and architecture. There are exhibits dedicated to Japanese prints, local artists, and contemporary glass work. The museum also has rotating exhibits showcasing specific artists, media, and themes.

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