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Tennessee Off the Beaten Path

ten Trenton Teapot Museum

Teapot Museum – Located in the Municipal Building in Trenton, Tennessee. Even though it’s called the Teapot Museum there is a large exhibition known as” The Largest Collection of Rare Porcelain Veilleuses”. If you’re wondering then a veilleuse is not just a regular teapot it is in fact also a nightlight. In the early days, veilleuses were used as food warmers. They were set up with a vessel in which burned a candle or oil and a bowl above it, on a stand. In the 19th century, Europe these combination teapots and night lights were turned into marvelous works of art.

This 19th-century collection is now worth more than a million dollars and can be found displayed in glass-fronted cases. Altogether there are 525 teapots which have decorations such as birds, dogs, horses, flowers, mermaids, and castles. There is a large variety of colors and seeing these wonderful teapots you can imagine them as flickering night lights in the days before electricity.      

ten Jack Daniels Visitor's Center_opt

Visitor’s Center

Jack Daniels Distillery – Home of America’s greatest whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee. At the moment you step into the distillery you can smell the sour mash whiskey. Tourists get an introductory slide show which explains the process the whiskey goes through. Then you’re taken through 45 warehouses where the whiskey is aged in white oak barrels used but once. Next, you’ll get to see how the whiskey is processed, the yard where the charcoal is made, the grotto where the spring water comes from, the grain silo, the mixing apparatus and other kinds of equipment in this complicated production.

ten jack cave-spring-hollow

The original company offices are now a museum where you can see the safe which was the undoing of Jack Daniels. Once when he couldn’t open the safe, he kicked it in a fit of rage, broke his toe and got a fatal case of gangrene.

ten cumberland moby-dick-1974-2


Cumberland Caverns – Found three hundred feet below ground they have formed some 500 million years ago through an erosive action of a sea which amazingly enough is now the Gulf of Mexico. At that time it went as far inland. There’s a stream which flows through the entrance gallery and ends in a crystal-clear pool which is swarming with blind white crayfish. In the center of this pool rises a 4 million-year-old flowstone which is named Moby Dick. The ceilings are covered by wide and leaf-like stalactite which is called curtains. Surprisingly when these stalactites are lightly tapped they make a bell-like sound as if it were a pipe organ.

ten cumberland volcano

In what is known as the Volcano Room hangs a giant chandelier of cut lead crystal. Farther on the natural rock terraces and balconies give the chambers a look of a grand old theater. Other caverns are known as the Graveyard, the Popcorn Bowl and the largest is the Hall of the Mountain King which is 600 feet long and 140 feet high. This is truly a site to see.

ten lincoln

Lincoln Museum – located in the Lincoln Memorial University. It is the third largest museum devoted to President Lincoln. There are more than 250,000 objects on exhibit. Everything is thematically arranged and traces various periods and undertakings of Lincoln’s life from the days when he was a rail splitter to the fateful night in Ford’s Theater. Among the personal objects on display is Lincoln’s favorite chair from when he was a lawyer in Illinois, the carriage that Lincoln borrowed for his second inauguration and the ebony cane he had with him when he was shot. Other displays show items from the Civil War period such as uniforms, weaponry and combat medicine.

ten linoln bust

Tourists can also see the original model of the Lincoln Memorial by Daniel Chester French and the bronze bust of Lincoln by Gutzon Borglum.

ten jones

Jonesborough Historic District – This is America’s oldest town west of the Appalachians. Jonesborough was established in 1779 and it became the portal to the southwest. This historic district is listed in The National Register of Historic Places. For tourists, the visitor’s center is located at the History Museum where the community’s development is charted. Exiting the museum one can stroll among the brick sidewalks of the historic district and see all kinds of great architecture. There are many grand old Victorian homes.

ten jones chester-inn

Among the highlights of things that tourists can see is the Chester Inn which is the town’s oldest building dating from 1797

ten jones tyler

and the Christopher Taylor House which is a two-story log cabin in which President Andrew Jackson resided as a young lawyer.

ten jones mail pouch

One can also see the Mail Pouch Building which was once a saloon

ten jones salt

and the Salt House where salt was rationed to the townsfolk during the Civil War. This town also has a succession of celebrations and old-fashioned kinds of observations of the holidays.

ten rocky

Rocky Mount – located north of Johnson City. Rocky Mount is a two-story house made of hand-hewn, notched white oak logs and is one of the oldest territorial capitols in the United States still standing on its original site. It was built in 1770 and it served “the territory of the U.S. south of the Ohio River” from 1790 to 1792. At this time Territorial Governor William Blount used Rocky Mount as his office. Later on, it became a stagecoach stop, a post office and has now been a historic site since 1959.

Tourists can see that Rocky Mount is authentically furnished with a pre-1740 grandfather clock, a hunt board, old crockery, a swiveling cradle, and other antique items. In the visitors’ center, there is a museum which has historical exhibits, manuscripts, and memorabilia. Rocky Mount is an interesting place to visit where tour guides are dressed in period costumes and play the roles of historical characters that were related to the house.

ten casey

Casey Jones Home and Railroad Museum – located in Jackson, Tennessee. This is the home of the legendary Casey Jones who was the engineer that died in the wreck of the Cannonball Express on the night of April 30th, 1900. He is honored with the famous song” Casey Jones”. He was a great man who came round the bend with his speeding train only to come face to face with a freight train. Staying heroically at the throttle Casey saved the lives of his passengers.

ten casey train

Here in Jackson, you can see the house in which Casey was living at the time of his death. It is a simple white clapboard structure with green shutters and a wraparound porch. Inside two rooms are devoted to memorabilia and railroad history including a model showing the fatal accident scene with miniature trains. Outside of the house, one can see a replica of Illinois Central Railroad Engine No. 382 which was the train in which Casey met with death. Tourists can climb aboard and get a real look at it.

ten franklin

Franklin – Once you leave behind the modern era shopping malls and other commercial buildings you come upon Franklin. This is a 15-block section of the downtown area which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. There are many Victorian-era houses with neatly trimmed lawns and the quiet streets are lined with maples. Even though most of the homes are privately owned they are wonderful to look at while taking a leisurely stroll.

ten franklin carter

One of the buildings which is open to the public is the Carter House built in 1830. During the Civil War, it served as a command post for General Jacob D. Cox. The rooms in the house are furnished with period pieces and there is a museum attached to the Carter House which commemorates the fierce battle waged nearby during the Civil War. Tourists can also look at the outbuildings which include a smokehouse, tool shed, family kitchen and slave cabin.

ten franklin Carnton_Front_Exterior

Another building open to the public just outside of the historic district is the Carnton Mansion built in 1826 and was used as a hospital during the Civil War. On the grounds is the only privately owned Confederate cemetery in the country. Tourists can get brochures with maps for self-guiding tours of the historic district at the Williamson County Courthouse which is one of the landmarked buildings in Franklin.


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