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Visiting Springfield


Springfield is the capital of the U.S. state of Illinois.

spring Lincoln-Memorial-Garden

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden was officially begun in 1936 with Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops planting acorns that with time grew into large oak trees.

spring memorial garden

Here you can find walking trails lined with wooden benches that have each been inscribed with quotes by Lincoln. .This memorial garden was designed to represent the landscape Lincoln would have been familiar with, in his lifetime, living in the Midwest. It has plants that are native to Illinois. Indiana, and Kansas.

spring Abraham-Lincoln-Presidential-Library-And-Museum

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has become the most popular presidential center in the nation. The museum features exhibits on the life of Lincoln among them a rotating exhibit with important artifacts from the museum’s Treasure Gallery.

spring old capitol

The Old State Capitol was once the place of heated political debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. This is a Greek-revival style building. It id the fifth capitol building that was built for Illinois. From 1840 to 1876 it served as the statehouse. This was the site of candidacy announcements by Abraham Lincoln in 1858 and Barack Obama in 2007. It has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. Visitors can take a 30-minute interpreter-guided tour or just view the rooms.

spring Lincoln-Herndon_Law_Offices_State_Historic_Site

Right across from the Old State Capitol you’ll find the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices housed in a historic building dating from 1841. This is supposedly the only surviving structure where Lincoln worked as a lawyer, He practiced law here on the third floor from 1843 to 1852. Visitors can see an educational video and get a guided tour of the rooms.

spring state capitol

The Illinois State Capitol is the highest building in Springfield. It contains the legislative and executive branches of the Illinois State Government. The building was designed in the shape of a Latin cross, aligned with major compass directions and sits on the 9-acres of Capitol grounds.

spring african museum

The Springfield and Central Illinois African-American History Museum is dedicated to celebrating the African-American history of central Illinois. The museum features exhibits, presentations, and has a large collection of more than 700 oral histories from central Illinois residents.

spring new salem

New Salem is a recreation of the town where Lincoln grew up and spent his first years as an adult. It is located about 20 miles northeast of Springfield. Living in a frontier village between 1831 and 1837 Lincoln made a living working different jobs. Here visitors can have hands-on experiences, enjoy interactive exhibits, and see a country store stocked with handmade items from the time period.

spring Vachel_Lindsay_House

The Vachel Lindsay Home was the birthplace of famous poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay. It is a two-story house that was built before the Civil War. Lindsay was known in the early 20th century for his poetry, accompanying the artwork, and animated performances. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places.

spring washinton park gardens

The Washington Park Botanical Gardens features over 1,800 species of plants. The gardens showcase a variety of special exhibits at different times of the year. There are perennial and annual flower beds, a rose garden, and many native evergreen tree varieties. Visitors can get a guidebook to learn about the many different varieties of plants. There is also an indoor greenhouse featuring warm-climate plants.

spring Adams-Wildlife-Sanctuary2.jpg

Adams’ Wildlife Sanctuary is on land donated by Miss Margery Adams. It is an urban nature center with a system of trails. Visitors can walk the trails and see the wildlife.

spring dana-thomas-house-3

The Dana-Thomas House was built for Susan Lawrence Dana, a progressive socialite living in Springfield. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and has more than 35 rooms over 3 main levels and 16 varying levels. This house showcases Wright’s unique craftsmanship with glass door, terracotta creations, and an elaborate mural.

spring civil war museum

The Daughters of Union Veterans Civil War Museum was founded in 1885 and preserves many Civil War artifacts and history. There are medals, photos, firearms, drums, uniforms, and letters from soldiers fighting on the front lines.

Attached to the museum is the Dr, Benjamin Franklin Stephenson Library and Research Center with a rare complete set of official records from both the Union Army and the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

spring edwards place

Edwards Place is a museum that tells the social and domestic story of Abraham Lincoln’s life in Springfield. It includes the courting couch upon which Lincoln and Mary Todd sat during the early days of their relationship. It is also the place where important citizens and politicians enjoyed dinner parties, summer picnics, and political rallies.

spring elijah

Elijah Iles House was designed and built in 1832 by William Vigal. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest surviving house in Springfield. Elijah Iles was one of the city’s earliest settlers and opening the first store. Some of the original furnishing in the house have survived.

spring the-great-western-depot

The Great Western Depot is the place from which on February 11, 1861, Abraham Lincoln departed for Washington D.C. and made his famous impromptu speech. Springfield residents were gathered to say goodbye to the great man. Today the depot welcomes visitors but is no longer a hub for transportation.

spring lincoln home 3

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site is the home that Lincoln, his wife, and four sons lived in. It is the only home that Lincoln ever owned. There are twelve rooms spread over two-stories. While living here Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives and later became the 16th U.S. President.

spring lincoln tomb

The Lincoln Tomb is the resting place of Lincoln and his family except for his eldest son, who is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. This has been a National Historic Landmark since 1960. The tomb can be found in Oak Ridge Cemetery. The interior of the memorial was built of marble and has a rotunda and burial room. The cemetery also has memorials dedicated to Illinoisians who served their country from WW II to the Vietnam War,

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  1. You forgot the Simpson’s house. ;>) Terrific travelogue, as always, Rasma.

    • Thank you, Mitch and glad you enjoyed the tour. After looking on the Internet I found an article that said the Simpsons lived in Springfield, Oregon because their creator’s hometown is Portland which is close-by.

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