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Rochester On the Zumbro River


Rochester is a city in southern Minnesota. It’s known for being the birthplace of the healthcare organization the Mayo Clinic. It is a beautiful city with great views of the Zumbro River.

roch plummer

The Plummer Building dates from 1928. It is the iconic symbol of the Mayo Clinic and a National Historic Landmark. The building was named after Dr. Henry S. Pummer, who designed it. He created the procedures and systems used by the Mayo Clinic.

roch plummer inside

The historic third floor includes the offices of Dr. Charlie and Dr. Will Mayo. Patient care is handled in the Gondo and Mayo Buildings,

roch plummer water tower

The eleven acres surrounding the building include formal gardens, a bird trail, quarry, and water tower. It is used for receptions and weddings among other events.

roch quarry nature

Quarry Hill Nature Center is a lovely and peaceful place with live animals, birds, and fish. It also includes a taxidermy collection. Making their home here are 35 species of animals that are native to Minnesota. There are also exotic species, a huge aquarium with seven varieties of fish and two raptors.

roch Quarry+Hill+north+through+porch

Indoors in the Nature Center ou can see a bird hive giving visitors a close-up look at a honeybee colony. The Bird Study Room shows native birds of Minnesota mounted.

roch mayowood

Mayowood was built in 1911 by Dr. Charles H. Mayo, co-founder of the Mayo Clinic. The estate included the doctor’s decorative arts collection and beautiful gardens. Over forty rooms are furnished with English, German, French, Spanish, and American antiques. The Mayo family donated the home and ten acres to the Olmstead County Historical Society.

Today it’s on the National Register of Historic Places. Tours are available.

roch war Memorial back wall

The Wall of Remembrance is a memorial honoring American veterans across generations. It is a tribute to over 3,000 women and men from southeast Minnesota who sacrificed for their country. The Walk of Remembrance honors U.S. veterans and allies for their services. The Trees of Remembrance have 50 “sponsored” trees representing each state. It was begun in 1995 and is open every day with free parking.

roch children

The Minnesota Children’s Museum gives children the opportunity to learn through play. The museum has interactive exhibits that include looking at state habitats and a park on the rooftop.

roch silver lake 2

Silver Lake Park is found on the south fork of the Zumbro River. There is a beautiful freshwater reservoir called Silver Lake. It is just one mile north of downtown Rochester. The park encompasses the lake.

roch silver lake

Here you can enjoy biking, jogging and rollerblading. At the lake, you’ll find the Giant Canada geese. You can have leisurely strolls around Silver Lake or enjoy a picnic. Children love the Children’s Adventure Playground which is handicapped accessible. There is also a swimming pool. Angles love to fish for black crappie, bluegill, and white sucker

roch apache

Apache Mall has 87 stores for your shopping pleasure. When it’s time to sit down and relax you can find a variety of food and drinks. There are quick service and full-service restaurants. You can find many services and amenities among the free WiFi.

roch cavarly


The Calvary Episcopal Church is the oldest church building in Rochester. The highlight here is the sacred site that is an original chapel mad of brick dating from 1862. It became a historic site in 1966. The church has lovely stained glass windows that were made in the Tiffany Studio in New York City. The stone baptismal dates from 1871 and the walnut altar base from 1880. There is a beautiful spiritual oasis garden.

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