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Traveling Around Illinois

ill GrantHome

Ulysses S Grant Home State Historic Site in Galena is the former home of Ulysses S. Grant the Civil War general and later on the 18th President of the U.S. The home has been restored with its 1860s furnishings and has Grant’s personal belongings. Tours are available.

ill starved rock 3

Starved Rock State Park is located on the Illinois River southwest of Chicago. It was named after a group of Native Americans who were left to starve on one of the rocks by their enemies. The park has lovely canyons and amazing waterfalls. The trails are great for hiking and guided hikes are available. Other activities here include fishing, horseback riding, and boating.

ill Cahokia-Mounds-State-Historic

Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is the site of a pre-Columbian Native American city. It is located right across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, Missouri in southern Illinois between East St. Louis, Missouri and Collinsville.


The site is home to 120 mounds that include the 100-foot tall Monks Mound. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is an Interpretive Center that tells the story of the Native Indians who built the area through artifacts, audiovisual presentations, and dioramas.

ill japanese

Anderson Japanese Gardens are 10-acres of Japanese gardens in Rockford with ponds, waterfalls, streams, and rock formations. Here you’ll also find an authentic Sukiya-style guest house and tea room. There are areas for meditation and contemplation.

ill six flags goliathsfgmmid

The Six Flags amusement park opened in Gurnee in 1976. It offers a wide range of rides and attractions for all ages. Some of the highlights are the thrill rides like Goliath and the American Eagle. There are many different places to eat and a selection of souvenirs.


The Leaning Tower of Niles was built in 1934 and is a miniature version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. The village of Niles and the city of Pisa established a sister city pact in 1991. The tower was part of a 22-acre amusement park and originally intended to conceal a water tower. Today visitors come to take photos, have a picnic on the landscaped grounds or attend one of the open-air music concerts offered by the city.

ill Lake-Katherine-main

Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Gardens in Palos Heights include woodlands, wetlands, prairies, and a 10-acre lake. You can enjoy lovely gardens, and rent kayaks and canoes. Activities here are walking, jogging, and cycling along the trails. There are many different reptiles and animals in the nature center and you can find wild animals in their natural habitat.

ill buffalo rock 2

Buffalo Rock State Park in Ottawa offers fantastic views of the Illinois River. It features a herd of American Bison.

ill buffalo rock bison

There is a children’s playground, a baseball diamond, and live animal sculptures built out of the earth as a tribute to Native American culture. There are two picnic shelters one with a stone fireplace.

ill shawnee

The Shawnee National Forest is one of the most famous natural locations in the U.S.

ill shawnee burden

and offers the amazing 20-foot Burden Falls which is the tallest in Illinois. Here at the Burden Falls Wilderness bird watching is very popular. You can hunt and fish on the grounds. The main hiking trail goes through the forest and is 3.5 miles long.

ill matthiessen

Matthiessen State Park is close to both Oglesby and Utica. The park is known for its unusual and beautiful rock formations. Here you can find a nice combination of forest, streams, and prairies. The park was named after Frederick William Matthiessen, a prominent industrialist, and philanthropist. You can enjoy an abundance of plant and animal life. There is a large white-tailed deer population. Children can enjoy the playground.

ill matthiessen eagle

Since it is close to the Plum Island Eagle Sanctuary sometimes bald eagles can be spotted in the park.

ill Galena-main-street-shops

Galena was named after a mineral that was mined by Native Americans. 85% of the town had been deemed to be a national historic district. Along six blocks of Main Street, you can enjoy Greek Revival and French Colonial buildings. Galena has become a popular tourist destination.

ill galena Market-House-Galena-Sate-Site2

Among the highlights are the Old Market House

ill galena-jo-daviess-county

and the Historical Society and Museum.


You can go underground at the Vinegar Hill Lead Mine. Galena has been home to nine Civil War generals.

ill Grosse_Point_Lighthouse

Grosse Point Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful buildings in Illinois and is on the National Register of Historic Places and a National Historic Landmark. This spot is famous for being the place where Father Jacques Marquette landed in 1674 when he came to visit Native American tribes. The grounds are open to the public and tours are available. To get the top of the tower you have to climb 141 steps to the summit of the lighthouse.

ill rock

Rockford is the third biggest city in Illinois. It is often called the Forest City with its 20.000 acres of green space. You can find the oldest music club in the nation here the

ill rock mendelssohn

Mendelssohn Club. Other places of interest are Anderson Japanese Gardens,

ill rockford tinker-swiss-cottage

Tinker Swiss Cottage, and Klehm Arboretum.

ill rock burpee-museum-of-natural

Visitors enjoy seeing Jane the T-Rex at the Burpee Museum of Natural History.

ill rock magic-waters-waterpark

Families enjoy Magic Waters.

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Visiting Springfield


Springfield is the capital of the U.S. state of Illinois.

spring Lincoln-Memorial-Garden

Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden was officially begun in 1936 with Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops planting acorns that with time grew into large oak trees.

spring memorial garden

Here you can find walking trails lined with wooden benches that have each been inscribed with quotes by Lincoln. .This memorial garden was designed to represent the landscape Lincoln would have been familiar with, in his lifetime, living in the Midwest. It has plants that are native to Illinois. Indiana, and Kansas.

spring Abraham-Lincoln-Presidential-Library-And-Museum

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum has become the most popular presidential center in the nation. The museum features exhibits on the life of Lincoln among them a rotating exhibit with important artifacts from the museum’s Treasure Gallery.

spring old capitol

The Old State Capitol was once the place of heated political debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. This is a Greek-revival style building. It id the fifth capitol building that was built for Illinois. From 1840 to 1876 it served as the statehouse. This was the site of candidacy announcements by Abraham Lincoln in 1858 and Barack Obama in 2007. It has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. Visitors can take a 30-minute interpreter-guided tour or just view the rooms.

spring Lincoln-Herndon_Law_Offices_State_Historic_Site

Right across from the Old State Capitol you’ll find the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices housed in a historic building dating from 1841. This is supposedly the only surviving structure where Lincoln worked as a lawyer, He practiced law here on the third floor from 1843 to 1852. Visitors can see an educational video and get a guided tour of the rooms.

spring state capitol

The Illinois State Capitol is the highest building in Springfield. It contains the legislative and executive branches of the Illinois State Government. The building was designed in the shape of a Latin cross, aligned with major compass directions and sits on the 9-acres of Capitol grounds.

spring african museum

The Springfield and Central Illinois African-American History Museum is dedicated to celebrating the African-American history of central Illinois. The museum features exhibits, presentations, and has a large collection of more than 700 oral histories from central Illinois residents.

spring new salem

New Salem is a recreation of the town where Lincoln grew up and spent his first years as an adult. It is located about 20 miles northeast of Springfield. Living in a frontier village between 1831 and 1837 Lincoln made a living working different jobs. Here visitors can have hands-on experiences, enjoy interactive exhibits, and see a country store stocked with handmade items from the time period.

spring Vachel_Lindsay_House

The Vachel Lindsay Home was the birthplace of famous poet Nicholas Vachel Lindsay. It is a two-story house that was built before the Civil War. Lindsay was known in the early 20th century for his poetry, accompanying the artwork, and animated performances. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places.

spring washinton park gardens

The Washington Park Botanical Gardens features over 1,800 species of plants. The gardens showcase a variety of special exhibits at different times of the year. There are perennial and annual flower beds, a rose garden, and many native evergreen tree varieties. Visitors can get a guidebook to learn about the many different varieties of plants. There is also an indoor greenhouse featuring warm-climate plants.

spring Adams-Wildlife-Sanctuary2.jpg

Adams’ Wildlife Sanctuary is on land donated by Miss Margery Adams. It is an urban nature center with a system of trails. Visitors can walk the trails and see the wildlife.

spring dana-thomas-house-3

The Dana-Thomas House was built for Susan Lawrence Dana, a progressive socialite living in Springfield. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and has more than 35 rooms over 3 main levels and 16 varying levels. This house showcases Wright’s unique craftsmanship with glass door, terracotta creations, and an elaborate mural.

spring civil war museum

The Daughters of Union Veterans Civil War Museum was founded in 1885 and preserves many Civil War artifacts and history. There are medals, photos, firearms, drums, uniforms, and letters from soldiers fighting on the front lines.

Attached to the museum is the Dr, Benjamin Franklin Stephenson Library and Research Center with a rare complete set of official records from both the Union Army and the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

spring edwards place

Edwards Place is a museum that tells the social and domestic story of Abraham Lincoln’s life in Springfield. It includes the courting couch upon which Lincoln and Mary Todd sat during the early days of their relationship. It is also the place where important citizens and politicians enjoyed dinner parties, summer picnics, and political rallies.

spring elijah

Elijah Iles House was designed and built in 1832 by William Vigal. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest surviving house in Springfield. Elijah Iles was one of the city’s earliest settlers and opening the first store. Some of the original furnishing in the house have survived.

spring the-great-western-depot

The Great Western Depot is the place from which on February 11, 1861, Abraham Lincoln departed for Washington D.C. and made his famous impromptu speech. Springfield residents were gathered to say goodbye to the great man. Today the depot welcomes visitors but is no longer a hub for transportation.

spring lincoln home 3

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site is the home that Lincoln, his wife, and four sons lived in. It is the only home that Lincoln ever owned. There are twelve rooms spread over two-stories. While living here Lincoln was elected to the House of Representatives and later became the 16th U.S. President.

spring lincoln tomb

The Lincoln Tomb is the resting place of Lincoln and his family except for his eldest son, who is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. This has been a National Historic Landmark since 1960. The tomb can be found in Oak Ridge Cemetery. The interior of the memorial was built of marble and has a rotunda and burial room. The cemetery also has memorials dedicated to Illinoisians who served their country from WW II to the Vietnam War,

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Chicago the Windy City


Our armchair travels have taken us to the U.S state of Illinois. This is a Midwestern state that borders Indiana with the Mississippi River to the west. It has been given the nickname of  “The Prairie State”. All through the state, you can see farmland, forests, rolling hills, and wetlands.       

illinois chicago                                   

One of the largest cities in the U.S. is Chicago on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is where we’ll begin our tour.

illinois Art-Institute-of-Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago has a large collection of artworks. It is known for its collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. The main building was designed in the Beaux-Arts style and built foe the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. More buildings were added afterward.

illinois millenium cloudgate800

Millennium Park is part of Grant Park in downtown Chicago. The centerpiece of this park is the sculpture Cloud Gate. It has a polished mirror-like stainless steel surface that was inspired by liquid mercury.

illinois millenium crown

Another highlight is Crown Fountain. It is an amazing modern interpretation of the ancient gargoyle, giving the appearance of water flowing from the mouths of projected images of the residents of Chicago. Two glass brick towers face each other with LEDs displaying changing photographs. It is an interactive fountain and children enjoy playing here in the summertime,

illinois millenium Jay_Pritzker_Pavilion_Millennium_Park_Chicago_2

You can also catch a performance at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, an outdoor concert venue

illinois millenium lurie-garden-2

and visit Lurie Garden.


Grant Park is referred to as “Chicago’s Front Yard” and stretches along the Loop on Lake Michigan. One of the top attractions is Millennium Park. The park is a great place to relax and unwind. It includes the Museum Campus Chicago, the Art Institute of Chicago, Maggie Daley Park, and Soldier Field, the home of the Chicago Bears NFL team.

illinois Maggie-Hopscotch-009

Maggie Daley Park is the latest addition to Grant Park was named after a former first lady. Children enjoy the Play Garden with six different zones such as the Watering Hole with a giant beached whale and the Enchanted Forest with upside-down trees. There is an ice-skating ribbon, picnic groves, an 18-hole mini-golf course, and rock-climbing walls.

illinois navy 2

Navy Pier opened in 1916 as an amusement area and shipping facility. Today it has become one of Chicago’s most popular tourist attractions. There are 50 acres of gardens, attractions, shops, restaurants, concert venues, and parks. You can enjoy the 150 ft. Ferris Wheel and a historic carousel in Navy Pier Park. Among the other attractions are seeing a film at the 3D IMAX Theater, watching performances at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater or visiting Crystal Gardens, a six=story indoor botanical garden.

illinois science

The Museum of Science and Industry is located at the north end of Jackson Park. The museum is devoted to the application of natural laws in technological and industrial development. This museum is considered to be the first in the U.S. to incorporate hands-on exhibits. Visitors can interact with hundreds of displays. There is also an OMNIMAX Theater.

illinois fountain 2

The Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain was built in 1927 as a donation from the family. It is one of the largest fountains in the world designed in the iconic Art Deco style. The central fountain is surrounded by four seahorses representing the four states bordering Lake Michigan. Hourly the fountain burst to like shooting 15,000 gallons of water through 200 nozzles each minute for an impressive display. After dusk, the water show is lit up. It is the central focus point of Grant Park.

illinois willis 2

Willis Tower was previously known as the Sears Tower and until 1996 when the Petronas Towers were built in Kuala Lumpur it was the world’s tallest office block at 110 stories high, However, the view is still spectacular and you can get a fantastic view over Chicago and on clear days 40 to 50 miles over four states from the Skydeck on the 103rd floor.

illinois willis skydeck

Visitors can thrill to a glass box with a glass floor called the Ledge where they can stand and look straight down at the city below.

illinois hancock

At the John Hancock Center you’ll find an observation deck on the 94th floor the large glass-walled observation deck overlooks the Chicago skyline.

illinois hancock tilt

The newest feature is known as “Tilt” which offers visitors an unusual view from over 1,000 feet above the Magnificent Mile as they’re tipped outward at an angle to look straight down, The building has apartments, offices, and shops. An exhibit on the first floor has information about Chicago and the construction of the building/

illinois fieldmuseum_lhewett-01

The Field Museum of Natural History was founded in 1893 to display the biological and anthropological collections of the World Columbian Exposition. In the beginning, it was known as the Columbian Museum of Chicago and the name was changed in 1905 to honor the owner of the department store Marshall Field, an art patron and major benefactor of the museum. The permanent collection has about 20 million artifacts and specimens. The permanent collection has displays on Ancient Egypt, and the cultures of North, Central, and South America.

illinois field-museum-natural-history-chicago

You can also see “Sue” the world’s largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. All through the year there are rotating exhibits.

illinois Magnificent_Mile_1-5c4f3b2ec9e77c00014afc22

Michigan Avenue is one of the most attractive boulevards in the U.S. The Magnificent Mile is a section of this avenue north of the Chicago River where you can find many galleries, boutiques, and luxury shops. Among the attractions here are the John Hancock Center, the Wrigley Building, and the Tribune Tower. At Madison Street it splits between North and South and this district is known for its theaters that host touring plays, musicals, and comedy acts.

illinois michigan-avenue-bridge

Michigan Avenue Bridge is an official Chicago landmark that opened in 1920. It is a trunnion bascule bridge that conducts Michigan Avenue over the main branch of the Chicago River. Taking a closer look at the north and south pylons you’ll see that they have bold reliefs depicting scenes from Chicago’s past. The south pylon depicts Defense and Regeneration and the north pylon depicts Discovers and Pioneers. The southwest bridge house is home to the McCormick Bridge House & Chicago River Museum chronicling the history of the bridge and the Chicago River.

illinois Chicago-River

The Chicago River runs through the heart of Chicago parallel to the lakeshore. There are many moveable bridges with 18 bridges in just two miles each allowing large boats to pass.


The McCormick Bridge House & Chicago River Museum lets tourists have an up-close look at the mechanisms of the famous Michigan Avenue Bridge where you can see the gears moving.

illinois chicago-riverwalk-7-1800x900

The Riverwalk is home to many dining options and special events all year long. Cruises and river tours depart from here.

illinois lakefront

The Lakefront Trail is fully paved and offers fantastic views of the city skyline and Lake Michigan, It is open to pedestrians and lined by parks, gardens, and recreation areas as well as beaches, Along the trail as many city attractions like the Navy Pier, Lincoln Park, and Soldier Field.

illinois lincoln park right

Lincoln Park is a six-mile stretch of green space stretching along Lake Michigan and is the biggest park in the city.


It is home to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Lincoln Park Zoo.

illinois peggy.jpg

You’ll also find the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum


and the Chicago History Museum here. This is a great place to get outdoors with playing fields, bike trails, jogging paths, and beaches. You can see many significant statues and


pieces of public art like the Standing Statue of Lincoln by Augustus Saint Gaudens.

illinois zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo dates back to 1868  and is one of the last remaining free admission animal parks in the U.S. You’ll find over 1,100 animals here in their natural habitats. Visitors enjoy the polar bears and African penguins in their revamped enclosure.

illinois zoo macaques

The Regenstein Macaque Forest opened in 2014 where Japanese macaques can bathe in hot springs as they do in the wild. Among the favorites here is the Kovler Lion House, Helen Brach Primate House, seal pool, and family petting zoo.

illinois Alfred_Caldwell_Lily_Pool_original

Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool is a masterpiece of landscape architecture in Lincoln Park, The pond is named after its designer, Alfred Caldwell, who worked on it in the second half of the 1930s. Since 2006 it has been a National Historic Landmark with winding stepping stone paths, circular benches, plants native to the Midwest, a waterfall, and waterside pavilion.

illinois Wrigley-500.0

Wrigley Field is home to the Chicago Cubs and was built in 1914. It is the second-oldest Major League Baseball Park in the U.S. Ballpark tours are available when no game is played and you can visit the press box and field as well as the dugouts.



The Rookery Building was designed in 1888 by architects Daniel Burnham and John Root but the lobby in the interior and the patio were remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1907. This 12-story building has a Roman Revival and Queen Anne-style façade. The highlights of the building are the central light court and the ornamental ironwork of the impressive staircases. The Rookery was named after the many pigeons that once frequented the building, It is on the list of National Historic Places. The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust gives tours of the building,

illinois chicago_cultural_center

Chicago Cultural Center was once the home of the Chicago Public Library. In 1991 this neo-Classical building in The Loop became the first free municipal cultural center in the U.S. Every year there are over 1,000 exhibitions and programs offered. You can catch theater, dance, music, film screenings, lectures, and family-orientated event for free. It is an impressive building to take a look at.

illinois tiffanydome800

There are two impressive domes. The south dome is the largest stained glass Tiffany dome in the world. The one on the north side is the larger Renaissance-style dome with 50,000 glass panels.

illinois aquarium

Shedd Aquarium is an indoor aquarium that has 32,500 aquatic creatures from all over the world.

illinois aquarium fish

There are many things to see and enjoy like Amazon Rising where you can see caimans, anacondas, piranhas, and freshwater stingrays in tanks among the roots of rainforest trees and the Caribbean Reef with a rescued green sea turtle, the Wild Reef has four varieties of sharks and the historic Waters of the World with colorful starfish and seahorses. Stingray Touch lets you feel a cow nose ray or yellow-spotted ray and in the Oceanarium, you can see sea lions, penguins, and sea otters.

illinois picasso

Chicago Picasso in the mid-1960s Pablo Picasso created this monumental piece of public art for Chicago. It can be found at Daley Plaza. It has become a city landmark. It is now a well-known meeting place and a backdrop to events like the Christkindlmarkt at Christmas.

illinois cathedral

Holy Name Cathedral is a Gothic Revival Catholic cathedral by Chicago Station on the Red Line. It was completed in 1875. It has impressive bronze doors that have been cast to resemble wood planks. A bit of Chicago gangland history remains outside of the cathedral where a cornerstone inscription was chipped when mob boss and Al Capone rival Hymie Weiss was murdered in 1926.

illinois tribune-tower

Tribune Tower was built in the mid-1920s for the Chicago Tribune. It is an iconic Gothic Revival skyscraper on the Magnificent Mile. Today it has become condominiums. Embedded in the stonework are pieces from famous monuments all over the world like the Hague Sophia and Taj Mahal among others.

illinois brook

Brookfield Zoo is just a metro train ride out to the suburb of Brookfield. The zoo has over 450 species of animals. It opened in 1934 and pioneered the use of moats and ditches instead of cages. It was the first in the U.S. to have giant pandas.

Among recent additions is the Great Bear Wilderness and Wild Encounters where tame goats can be petted, you can walk through a wallaby enclosure and see one of the largest free-flight parakeet aviaries in the world,

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Exploring Indiana

indiana prophet

Prophetstown State Park at the confluence of the Wabash and Tippecanoe Rivers features many different hiking trails for hikers of all abilities.

indiana farm

Within the park, you’ll find the 125-acre Farm at Prophetstown, a living-history museum with a 1920s motif and hands-on experience with homesteading, gardening, and livestock feeding. It highlights the history of homesteading and native cultures from the area.

indiana tippi

The Tippecanoe Battlefield Park adjacent to Prophetstown State Park memorializes the clash between native inhabitants and new settlers in 1811. This National Historic Landmark includes an 85-foot marble obelisk that was built in 1908.

The onsite museum features exhibits and displays that relate to the battle. There are hiking trails, picnic areas, and interpretive information can be found all through the park.

indiana fort 2


The Wabash Heritage Trail is a 13-mile pedestrian trail that begins at the battlefield park and ends at Fort Ouiatenon.

indiana davis ferry

Along the way you can see the Davis Ferry Bridge, McAllister Park, and Happy Hollow Park. It is a lovely river path with scenic nature all around.

indiana dunes

Indiana Dunes overlook the shores of Lake Michigan near the border with the state of Illinois. This area offers an unusual landscape that cannot be found in any other place in the state, At the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore you can find a variety of outdoor activities and in the adjacent state park bearing the same name you can go hiking, biking or just relax at the beach. Fishing and boating are available and you can go camping and stay at the Dunewood Campground. During the wintertime, the best activities are cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

indiana lanier

The Lanier Mansion in Madison was built for James Franklin Doughty Lanier who was a prominent businessman in Indian around the mid-1800s. It was built in the Greek Revival-style and can be found in the National Historic Landmark District. Inside you’ll find some original furnishings and an impressive three-story spiral staircase. Outside are beautiful formal gardens with plants and landscaping styles of the late 19th century. Guided tours are available. Throughout the year some events and programs are offered among them holiday candlelight tours, early childhood programs, and adults-only 1940s Dance Hall celebrations.

indiana hall-of-fame

The RV/MV Hall of Fame in Elkhart is the place for RV lovers. You can see all kinds of recreational vehicles from various decades. It is a fascinating place where you can see the classic vehicles that Americans have been driving and vacationing in for the past 90 years.

indiana west

Among the popular displays area Mae West’s 1931 Chevrolet Housecar, a “Road Back in Time” walking tour, and a Tennessee Traveler Motorhome, It is all located in a huge showroom displaying trailers, motor homes, photos and memorabilia that dates back to the 1920s.

indiana FirstChristianChurch.jpg

The First Christian Church in Columbus has a non-traditional look, with rectangular shapes, and a rectangular tower standing 160 feet high. This is one of the first churches in the U.S. that was built in a contemporary style.

Colorful Cataract Falls

Cataract State Park has the largest waterfall in Indiana. Cataract Falls drops down 86 feet. You can take a hike to this falls at the best time to visit is between December and May. The falls are made up of a long series of cascades and many trails in the state park offer sights of the lovely falling water.

indiana brown 2

Brown County State Park is the largest state park in Indiana. It was named after the Commanding General of the U.S. Army, General Jacob Brown. The park has been nicknamed Little Smokies due to the likeness of the Great Smoky Mountains. There are horse riding trails, hiking trails, and mountain biking trails. On Trail 5 you can see one of the highlights here the rare Yellowwood tree.

indiana kissing

Kissing Bridges are among the main tourist attractions in Indian and can be found all over Brown County, Some of the 21 covered bridges are still in use today. These covered bridges are referred to as kissing bridges and were among the few places courting couples could find some privacy hundreds of years ago. October is the month when an annual festival is dedicated to these bridges and held in Parke County.

indiana Turkey-Run

Turkey Run State Park is located in Parke County. Here you’ll find 14 miles of challenging trails with picturesque views.  Here is also the Rocky Hollow Falls Canyon Nature Preserve. If you need accommodations you can stay at the Turkey Run Inn.

indiana cliftty

Clifty Falls State Park is home to some of the most popular events in Indiana like the July Regatta hydroplane boat race and the Madison Chautauqua Festival of Art in late September. The park has lovely nature trails and the highlight here is the Clifty Creek Canyon that runs through the heart of the park. There is another deep canyon where the sun can only be seen at midday and the lovely McCormick’s Creek.

indiana bean 2

Bean Blossom is one of the most beautiful places in Indiana and is home to one of the many covered bridges in Parke County.

indiana bill

It is home to the Bill Monroe Memorial Music Park and Campground hosting an annual bluegrass festival known as the Bean.

indiana lake michigan

East Pierhead Lighthouse at Michigan City is by Lake Michigan which is a popular tourist attraction and the only one of the Great Lakes that is located totally within the boundaries of the U.S. There are many beaches to explore.

indiana lighthouse

You can camp on the banks of the river either in Indiana Dunes State Park or the Indiana National Lakeshore.

indiana bailey

Here you can also find the Bailly Homestead and the Chelberg Framstead Trails and learn more about Indiana’s history.

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Amazing Indianapolis


Indianapolis or Indy is the capital of the U.S. state of Indiana and the state’s most populous city.

indy children

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is an interactive children’s museum and the biggest in the world,

indy children fireworks

The five-level playground has a 43 ft. brightly colored Dale Chihuly “Fireworks of Glass” sculpture that hangs in the middle of the atrium.

indy children caro

On the top floor, there is an antique carousel. There is a lot for both children and adults to enjoy like the 18-foot tall movie prop Bumblebee, from the first Transformers movie. Visitors also enjoy seeing North America’s largest water clock.

indy speedway

The Indianapolis Motorway is home to the well-known Indy 500. Here you can take a shuttle excursion, pace car, or an Indy Car to tour around the motorway. Every year more than 300,000 people come to see the Indy 500. You’ll enjoy the Hall of Fame Museum with trophies, memorabilia, and the winning cars from the past century.

indy car factory

The Dallara Indy Car Factory offers interactive hands-on exhibits. You can get behind the wheel of a racing simulator giving you the experience of riding in an Indy Car two-seater with a professional diver. Take a factory tour and watch technicians handicraft the Dallara Indy Car chassis.

indy prairie

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park is located a 25-minute drive from the city in Fishers, This is a wooded property with various indoor, outdoor, and historically-themed ways for visitors to experience living in a real prairie town. The interactive theater will put you in the Civil War and resident actors will show you how they do daily chores. It is a great way to learn history.

indy art museum

The Indianapolis Museum of Art has a permanent collection of more than 54,000 artworks including American, Asian, and European art. It is the eighth largest encyclopedic art museum in the country. One of the highlights is the Indianapolis Star Family Studio that is an interactive space for visitors to explore, create, and share, using art in new ways.  The museum is on the grounds of the Oldsfields -Lily House and Gardens.

indy oldfield

Oldfields-Lilly House and Gardens are a National Historic Landmark with manicured gardens and the Lilly House that was the former home of late Indianapolis philanthropist and collector, J.K. Lilly Jr.

indy oldfield garden

Visitors can see the authentic furnishings. On the grounds are beautiful trails to walk.

indy monument

Monument Circle

indy monument sailor

The Soldier’s and Sailor’s Memorial made of limestone commemorates the lives lost in the Civil War.

indy monument indiana-world-war-memorial

The Indiana War Memorial is a 210-foot tall mausoleum honoring veterans from Indiana the Hoosier state who served in WW I.

indy monument shrine

On the third floor you’ll find the Shrine Room symbolizing peace and unity and was constructed with building material from all over the globe. Inside you’ll see sixteen blood-red marble columns flanking a gigantic Garrison flag and the Altar of Consecration illuminated by blue stained glass. There is also a museum that is dedicated to the soldiers of Indiana and exhibits include an AH-1 Cobra Attack helicopter, military uniforms and weapons, and other military-related artifacts and information.

indy eagle

Eagle Creek Park is the largest park in Indianapolis. It includes the Eagle Creek reservoir and covers nearly 1,400 acres of water and 3,900 acres of land. There are plenty of trails for hiking, running, and biking. You can go fishing on the big lake or the small pond.

indy eagle deer-eating-960x636

You can enjoy a picnic at the picnic tables and perhaps catch a glimpse of the deer that roam here.

indy holiday 3

Holiday Park is a popular park with residents. There are many trails, a playground for children, and a nature center offering programs for all ages. You can enjoy a picnic here or just relax on the grounds.

indy holiday ruins

The Ruins are fascinating stone features that are all that remains of a New York skyscraper that was once the St. Paul Building and has now been preserved as artworks. There are also impressive statues on top known as The Races of Man.

Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library

indy kurt.jpg

Author Kurt Vonnegut was born and raised in Indy. This museum is a tribute to him with displays that include his Pall Mall cigarettes, droll drawings, and letters of rejection from publishers. The museum has replicated his office that is complete with a blue Coronamatic typewriter. Visitors can sit at the desk and type Kurt a note that the museum tweets. Renovations are going on now in 2019 and a new space will open up that will include an interactive Slaughterhouse-Five exhibition and café by Indy’s renowned Bluebeard restaurant. It reopens on November 9.

indy idle 2

The Idle is a kind of hidden space off the Cultural Trail it is landlocked between lanes of I-85/70

indy idle

and features an accessible limestone trail that takes you to a viewing platform where you can sit and watch the Crossroads of America go by along the interstate.

indy central 2

The Canal Walk is a three-mile waterfront pedestrian area running along the central canal or strolling, biking, or a gondola ride. The area also includes public art, cafes, and places to sit and watch the ducks. There are amazing views of the skyline. It offers access to many city attractions, shops, and restaurants.

indy White-River-State-Park

White River State Park is an expansive green space that includes some of the city’s top attractions. Here you’ll find:

indy state 2

The Indiana State Museum offers a lot of exhibits that explore the natural and cultural history of Indiana. On the first floor, you can learn about the state’s natural history and walk through an “ice” tunnel that reproduces the experience of being inside a glacier and you can get a look at an ancient mastodon. On the second floor, you can learn about the region’s cultural past as well as more recent Hoosier history. The museum also has a hands-on naturalist’s lab and regular puppet shows.

indy Eiteljorg-_0014_More-Than-A-Museum

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art will give you and your family a hand-on experience about being in the West. Children can dress in authentic costumes, get on a stagecoach, and play in the General Store. The museum has a great collection of Native American art and history. At the gift shop, you can find attractive handcrafted tools, purses, and clothing.

indy zoo eli.jpg

Next up in White River State Park is the Indianapolis Zoo which plays a major role in worldwide conservation and research. The zoo has about 250 species of 2,000  animals and 2,000 plant varieties. There are also an aquarium and botanical garden. The botanical garden has both permanent and changing gardens representing flora from all over the world. The Oceans Aquarium has multiple tanks, including a coral reef ecosystem, The animals are divided among natural habitats. Among the most popular are the Plains animals like giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and zebras. The Forest habitat lets visitors walk beneath soaring birds and see animals like red pandas watching from trees. At the Arctic, you can see polar bears and penguins.

indy NCAA_Headquarters_Indianapolis_-_panoramio.jpg

You’ll also find the NCAA Hall of Champions

indy medal-honor-photo1

and the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial.

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

indy president-benjamin-harrison

Benjamin Harrison was elected as the 23rd President of the U.S. in 1888 and died in Indianapolis in 1901. You can see his house with its original Victorian furniture. It is a sixteen room Italianate Victorian house. Here visitors can learn about his work as a lawyer, his reputation as a military leader, his conservatory efforts, his expertise in foreign affairs, and his expansion of the U.S. The house also has his personal belongings. There are special events all year long including a President’s Day celebration.

About the Zoo

Medal of Honor Memorial

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Exploring Bloomington



You’ll find the city of Bloomington in southwest Indiana.

bloom IU_Art_Museum

The Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University is known to be the foremost university art museum in the country. It has found its home in I.M. Pei’s iconic triangular building. The museum offers an internationally acclaimed collection of more than 45,000 artworks among them paintings by Claude Monet and Pablo Picasso, African masks, and jewelry. There are permanent collection galleries, traveling exhibitions, and special installations. You’ll also find on-site sculptures that have been arranged into nine curatorial areas across three floors. Free guided tours are available.

Indiana University is home to the Hoosiers, the intercollegiate sports teams. The campus has a park-like setting with fountains and landscaped green spaces.

bloom IU stadium

You can enjoy a Saturday Hoosier football game at “The Rock” or the Memorial Stadium

bloom IU assembly

or Hoosier basketball at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.



Visitors can enjoy the open houses at the Kirkwood Observatory



near the iconic Sample Gates and enjoy other activities on the campus. You can also visit the IU Arboretum and enjoy many free concerts throughout the year.

bloom IU arbo

IU Arboretum is a beautiful natural space on campus. It was planted on the spot where the old Memorial Stadium once stood. It is also known as the Jesse H. and Beulah Chanley Cox Arboretum, named after two influential Hoosier alumni. It is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature.

bloom monroe like

Monroe Lake is a reservoir that is located southeast of Bloomington and surrounded by protected forests and wilderness areas. The lake provides recreation for local residents and enjoyment for visitors.

bloom four

On the eastern shore, you’ll find the Ransburg Scout Reservation as well as the Fourwinds Resort and Marina with more than 800 boats. Visitors can enjoy fishing all through the year and other activities like boating, water-skiing, and kayaking. The visitors center offers many different programs during the summer.

bloom farmers

Bloomington Farmers Market is a weekly market selling many fresh farm products, handicrafts, and other items for sale from local farmers, artisans, and artists. There are more than 40 vendor stalls and during the winter months of November and December you can find varied winter produce, The market also offers live music and other kinds of entertainment.

bloom tibetan cultural center

The Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center and Kumbum Chamtse Ling Temple (means Field of Compassion) were founded by Thubten Jigme Norbu who is the brother of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet. These are the oldest and largest centers of Buddhism in the U.S.

bloom temple 2

They preserve the rich culture and heritage of Mongolia and Tibet. There are shrines, stupas, sculptures, and prayer wheels. Guided tours are available.




The Wylie House Museum was once the home of Andrew Wylie, the first president of Indiana University. The historic house has become a museum that displays life at the Wylie home in the mid-19th century. Guided tours are offered.

bloom oliver.jpg

Oliver Winery was founded by IU law professor William Oliver. It is one of the largest wineries in the U.S. Wines are produced using high-quality grapes. Among the wines, you’ll find semi-dry and dry whites and reds, dessert wines, and sparkling wines. Also produced here are Beanblossom Hard Cider, Bubblecraft, and a light wine Camelot Mead made with honey. There are daily wine tastings and weekend tours, Visitors can enjoy gourmet picnics on the farm and purchase their choice of wine.

bloom creek

McCormick’s Creek located northwest of Bloomington was the first state park in Indiana. You’ll find lovely scenery, limestone caves, rushing water, and densely forested landscapes. There is also a campground. Other popular attractions are the Olympic-sized swimming pool, the Nature Center, and various hiking trails. Visitors can enjoy guided horseback rides at the Saddle Barn.

bloom forest 3

The Hoosier National Forest is located in south-central Indiana. The northern part of the forest offers lots of recreations like backpacking, fishing, scenic driving, rock climbing, and viewing wildlife.

bloom forest camp

There are many campgrounds for regular campers and RV dwellers. One of the most scenic areas is the Charles C. Deam Wilderness which is a federally designated wilderness area. It is the only one of its kind in the state, During the spring wild hyacinths bloom.


The B-Line Trail is a paved pedestrian path that goes through Bloomington and was once a railroad corridor. It connects with many of the top attractions in the city and natural spaces. At Downtown, you can connect with the Farmers’ Market, the WonderLab Museum, and other city venues. Along the path are energy-efficient lights that illuminate the trail from dusk to dawn. Public art is displayed all along the trail.


.The Wonderlab Museum offers different permanent exhibits like a Kaleidoscope Cave, Bubble Atrium, and Hall of Natural Science. On the grounds, you can enjoy the Lester P. Bushnell Wonder Garden which is a natural space with living exhibits. Wonderlab also offers different programs like STEM-oriented IDEA Labs, adult social functions, and Wonder Camps for kids.

bloom cascade 2

Lower Cascade Park offers a place to relax and recreational activities.


Kids enjoy the playground and adults can relax with views of the landscaped creek. There are picnic shelters and creek-side picnic tables. You’ll find open spaces for throwing footballs or Frisbees and other lawn activities. The Cascade Park Trail is a paved, non-motorized pathway, taking in the natural surroundings of the area,

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Fabulous Fort Wayne

fort wayne

Fort Wayne is located in northeastern Indiana. The city has much to offer visitors.

fort wayne art

The Fort Wayne Museum of Art or FWMoA exhibit a wide range of mediums in American art. You’ll find over 7,000 paintings, sculptures, and delicate glass. Highlights include Indiana Impressionists, world-famous painters, and artisan glass cutters. The museum also hosts different programs, events, and classes. Every October they have the family-friendly Dia De Los Muertos celebration.

fort wayne parkview

Parkview Field is home to the TinCaps Minor League Baseball team. The stadium also hosts concerts, fitness festivals, and over 400 non-baseball events. Runners can come to stretch their legs on the track every day. The highlight here is to catch an evening game under the lights.

fort wayne botanic 2

The Foellinger Freimann Botanical Conservatory takes you to the tropics. There are three garden areas.

fort wayne boranic desert

The Desert Garden with many cacti,

fort wayne botanic trop water

the Tropical Garden with the koi pond and waterfall

fort wayne botanic showcase

and the Showcase Garden with rotating exhibits throughout the year as well as a Butterfly Garden in the spring. The botanical garden also offers several classes and programs.

fort wayne head


Headwater Park sits at the confluence of three major rivers. It is a place to relax and enjoy the river surroundings, You can enjoy the Hamilton Sculpture Garden in the park and there is also an open-air pavilion for private events. In the winter you can enjoy skating at the Headwaters Ice Skating Rink. In July this is the place to enjoy the Three River Festival.

fort wayne old fort

Old Fort was reconstructed to look like the original dating from 1815. It is a great place to have some fun and learn about the history of the area. From Headwater Park it is located across St. Mary’s River. Visitors can explore the grounds, see the interior of the fort and participate in some live-action history. Special events are hosted with costumed characters and guided tours.

fort wayne arts center

The Arts United Center was designed by world-famous architect Louis Kahn in 1973. This amazing building is home to the Fort Wayne Civic Theater, the Fort Wayne Ballet, the Fort Wayne Dance Collective, and the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Backstage tours are available.

fort wayne history-center

On the Arts United campus, you’ll also find the History Center featuring over 28,000 artifacts among them the 1893 City Hall building in which it has found its home. Exhibits tell the regional story from native cultures to 20th-century technological innovations. The center also sponsors tours and events that take place at the Chief Richardville House, a preserved 19th-century residence that was once home to Fort Wayne’s most influential historical figures.

fort wayne science-central-s-building

The Science Center is housed in an old 1908 coal-burning plant. This is a hands-on science museum and among the highlights is the High Rail Bike which teaches kids about gravity.

fort wayne firefighters

Fort Wayne Firefighters Museum is housed in the historic Old Station #3. Visitors can see firefighting relics from the past among them red fire wagons and retired operating systems. On the second floor, visitors can look into the lives and living quarters of modern firefighters.

fort wayne eagle marsh

Eagle Marsh Nature Preserve sits on the southwest edge of the city.

fort wayne eagle deer

It is a natural habitat to different wildlife and ahs over 10 miles of hiking trails to explore wetlands, meadows, prairies, and forests. There are organized runs, public hikes, and naturalist-led explorations.

fort wayne zoo taz

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has specially themed areas and attractions among them an African Journey Safari Trail, an Australian Adventure River Ride, and the Indonesian Rainforest.

fort wayne zoo lion

Among the resident animals, you can see orangutans, lions, kangaroos, Komodo dragons, zebra sharks, and Tasmanian devils,

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South Bend on the St. Joseph River

Indiana, Welcome road sign

In our armchair travels, we’ve arrived in the 19th U.S. state Indiana which is in the Midwestern and Great Lakes regions.

indy south bend

Our first stop will be in South Bend a city on the St. Joseph River. It is known for being home to the University of Notre Dame.

indy studebaker

National Studebaker Museum offers a look at classic Studebaker models and the American car manufacturer Studebaker has long been associated with the city of South Bend.

indy studebaker inside

You can also see military vehicles and the world’s largest collection of U.S. Presidential Carriages among them the Barouche that the 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln took the night of his ill-fated theater visit.


There is a collection of extensive archive design and development drawings. The museum hosts a speaker series and an annual Hall of Champions dinner and reception.

indy history

Adjacent to this museum is the History Museum which is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the state. There are informative exhibits, vivid displays, and artifacts that tell stories about Indiana. There is also the Kidsfirst Children’s Museum in this facility with lots of fun for the whole family.

indy oliver.jpg

On the property, you can visit the Oliver Mansion and Oliver Gardens also offering guided tours of this 19th-century 38-room mansion.


The University of Notre Dame was founded in 1842. It has an impressive sprawling campus and fascinating Gothic architecture.

indy Notre_Dame_Football_Stadium_-_South_Bend_IN-600x400-100

Visitors can find many things to do on campus like visiting the Snite Museum of Art and seeing football games at the Notre Dame Stadium, home to the Fighting Irish football team.

indy Basilica_of_the_Sacred_Heart,_ND_-_front_view

While on campus take the time to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart a most impressive Roman Catholic church. It is the mother church of the Congregation of the Holy Cross in the U.S.

indy basilica inside

It is open year-round for public masses and welcomes visitors who want to take a self-guided tour.

indy basilica grotto

On the grounds, you’ll find the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes which is a spiritual shrine that was built from the boulders taken from surrounding farms.

indy snite_museum_of_art

The Snite Museum of Art has a large collection of Renaissance, medieval, and 19th-century artworks.

indy snite-museum-of-art

On display, you’ll find modern and contemporary art as well as Native American, African, and Mesoamerican artwork. Along the walls, you can also see artwork from graduate students.

The museum also offers the Charles B. Hayes Family Sculpture Park just a few blocks away.

indy compton-family-ice-arena

For some family fun on the south edge of the campus, you’ll find the Compton Family Ice Arena where the public can also use the ice rink. Visitors can skate or learn how to skate.

indy pot

Potawatomi Park is located on the eastern edge of the city on the opposite side of the St. Joseph River from downtown.

indy pot pool

There are places to enjoy a picnic, a splash pad for summer fun, a swimming pool. a performance arts stage and a playground.


Adjacent to the park, you’ll find the Potawatomi Zoo which is Indiana’s oldest animal park with 500 animals on display.

indy zoo tiger

It offers family-friendly attractions and hand-on experiences.

indy zoo lion

You can see armadillos, Ankole cattle, American bison and different big cats like leopards, tigers, and lions.

indy zoo carousel

There are educational programs like Zoo Camps. Visitors enjoy the Potawatomi Zoo Train, the Endangered Species Carousel, and Zoo Farm Feeding Area.

indy conserv

The Potawatomi Conservatory on the southeast side of the park offers year-round

indy conserv 2.jpg

tropical plants and waterfalls.

indy south-bend-art-museum

South Bend Museum of Art has three stories and five galleries that represent Indiana and regional artists as well as artwork from across the nation.

indy south bend art inside

There are also regular and special events such as First Fridays and outdoor Art Festivals. The museum is part of Century Center, home to major conventions and events.

indy morris 2


The Morris Performing Arts Center had its beginnings as a vaudeville house in the early 1920s. Today it is one the National Register of Historic Places. You can see a wide variety of first-class talent and attractions as well as Broadway and symphony performances.

indy tippi

Tippecanoe Place Restaurant was originally built in the late 19th century by Clem Studebaker and family. You’ll find the restaurant is housed in a historic home with 40 different rooms.

indy tippy inside

It offers lunch, dinner, and a Sunday brunch. You can also take a self-guided tour of the house.

indy military

Military Honor Park located west of the city and near the South Bend International Airport is a great place to learn about the military history of the U.S. The museum exhibits artifacts and memorabilia from five different branches of the U.S. military. On the grounds, you’ll find a collection of decommissioned aircraft, artillery, and armor, including a tank. These displays can be seen all the time but the museum is open on the weekends.

indy water 2

East Race Waterway is the place to go white water rafting in South Bend. Both beginners and experienced white water rafters are welcome. It is also possible to kayak on the rafters with your own kayak. Rafting equipment is provided. You can go strolling around the walkways and enjoy the picnic areas.


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Lovely Lansing


Lansing is the capital of the U.S. state of Michigan.

lansing Michigan_state_capitol

The Michigan State Capitol building was the creation of renowned architect Elijah E. Meyers.  It was one of the first capitol buildings in the U.S. to feature a cast iron dome. It has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. Visitors can walk through the buildings or take a guided tour.

lansing history

The Michigan History Center offers unusual exhibits that offer a look into Michigan’s past. There is a gallery that is dedicated to the early European explorers who explored and founded Michigan. A Civil War exhibit shows mementos from this time and you can learn about Michigan’s role in the Underground Railroad and anti-slavery movements. There is a 1950s gallery that tells about the state becoming the hub for automobile manufacturing. The atrium has a three-story topographical map of Michigan.

lansing zoo lion

The Potter Park Zoo is home to over 160 species of animals including mammals, reptiles, and birds.

lansing zoo Red+panda+at+ppz

The zoo is known for preserving endangered species like Amur tigers, red pandas, snow leopards, and tamarin monkeys.

lansing zoo lemurs

A wildlife education program lets visitors learn about wildlife. The zoo hosts summer camps, overnight campouts, and field trip programs.

lansing Abrams_Planetarium_0

The Talbert and Leota Abrams Planetarium or Abrams Planetarium is located on the Michigan State University campus, Visitors can learn about stars, planets, constellations, and other celestial bodies sitting in an auditorium with a dome-shaped ceiling. You can enjoy gazing at the sky through their high-powered telescopes.

lansing river

The Lansing River Trail winds its way past 19 city and county parks, three museums, two rivers, a creek, a farmer’s market, and a zoo, This is a 13-mile trail that is just right for walkers, joggers, bikers, and even rollerbladers. There are paved portions, wooden boardwalks, and bridges.

lansing river 2

The trail is divided into three major sections. The first two sections take you past museums, shops, restaurants, and art galleries and the last section through wetlands and woodlands, Toward the end, it connects with the Lansing Pathway and the Sycamore Trail.

lansing nature

The Fenner Nature Center helps to educate visitors on the importance of environmental conservation, There are four miles of trails and a visitor’s center where you can see live reptiles, songbirds, deer, and wild turkeys.

lansing nature deer

Children enjoy hands-on exhibits. There are school programs, scouting programs, and fun public events. Pet on leashes can go with their owners on the trails.

lansing dodge

The Turner-Dodge House is a mansion that dates back to 1855. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as Dodge Mansion, This is now a 9-acre site with a museum where you can look into Lansing’s past.

lansing woldumar

The Woldumar Nature Center is an environmental education and conservation center.

lansing woldumar moon-log-cabin

It features Moon Log Cabin which is a wooden structure that is known to be one of the oldest homes in Eaton County.

lansing grand

Pedestrian Bridge across the Grand in downtown Lansing

The park has five miles of trails that include a 1.25-mile stretch that goes along the scenic Grand River. The trails are great for hiking and in the winter for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing,

lansing women 1

The Michigan Women’s Historical Center & Hall of Fame is a center that is dedicated to honoring powerful and influential women.

lansing women

There are interesting exhibits. In the Hall of Fame, you can learn about the lives of nearly 300 historical and contemporary Michigan women who have made their mark in politics, business, education, medicine, human rights, and other areas.


The Lansing City Market is open year-round. It was established in 1909. Here you’ll find a dozen vendors who sell their products and services. Here you can rent kayaks or canoes to go on the Grand River. You can purchase beer, wine, produce, treats, baked goods, and specialty foods. The market also hosts family-friendly blues and jazz concerts in the summer. On certain days of the week, students and senior citizens can get special deals from participating vendors.

lansing memorial

The 9/11 Remembrance Memorial stands in Remembrance Plaza. It features several American flags as well as a 10-foot tall 980-pound beam from one of the towers that were destroyed by terrorists in the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Three sides of the memorial represent New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The fourth side has a dedication statement from the Lansing community, It is located at the edge of Wentworth Park along the Grand River.

lansing princess

The Michigan Princess Company operates three classic steamboats. There is room for parties, meetings, and other special events. You can enjoy cruising on the Grand River. The company also hosts concerts and luncheons. You can start your enjoyable trip on the river at Grand River Park.

lansing sculpture reflection

Reflections sculpture

The Lansing Sculpture Walk begins at the Lansing Community College campus. Here you’ll find 30 unique sculptures by various artists all throughout the campus and surrounding areas.

lansing sculpture red-ribbon

Some of the most iconic pieces of art include the Education and Community Sculpture, a 30-foot-tall red ribbon located at the Arts & Science Buildings

lansing sculpture elementary

and the Elementary Display, a collection of massive number two pencils outside of the Early Learning Children’s Community building.


The Meridian Historical Village is a lovely park outside of Lansing, in Okemos, Michigan. You can see a collection of well-preserved homes and shops. A historical school building can be rented out by local teachers for one week.

lansing historical village church

A quaint white chapel I just right for weddings with 100 guests. There are special events among them memorials and performances.

lansing museum MSU

The Museum at Michigan State University dates back to 1857 and is one of the oldest museums in the U.S. Here you’ll find a collection of nearly one million artifacts and documents. This was the first museum in the state to receive the Smithsonian affiliate status, It also offers educational programs.

lansing beaumont

The Michigan State University carillon is located in Beaumont Tower. The musical instrument inside the carillon was developed in the 15th and 16th centuries. With roots in European history, each carillon has at least two octaves of carillon bells. The MSU has 49 bells. During the MSU Summer Carillon Series, visitors can hear all kinds of songs from local carillonneurs and guest performers.

lansing hawk

Hawk Island Park offers visitors a paved 1.5-mile trail, a beach for swimming, a picnic area, a splash pad, and a fishing dock. You’ll also find a concession stand, a community-built playground, and a store renting paddleboats and rowboats.

lansing hawk splash

There is a game area for volleyball or horseshoes. In the winter there is space for tubing and sledding.

lansing hawk dog park

Adjacent to the park is the Soldan Dog Park so your furry family member does not have to remain home alone.

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Interesting Detroit


Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan. It has a lot to offer tourists and is known for being nicknamed “Motor City” when the auto industry ruled the city. It is also known to be the birthplace of Motown Records which brought many popular artists to the public’s attention and great music for all to enjoy.

detroit art institute

The Detroit Institute of Arts has a permanent collection that includes over 65,000 artworks displayed in more than 100 galleries. You can see artwork from Africa, Oceania, and from the Indigenous Americans. You’ll also find displays of art from the Near East, medieval Europe, and American artwork. There is an extensive collection of Islamic art and a gallery that is dedicated to African American art. Among other exhibits, there is a performing arts collection with film and theater memorabilia and the Paul McPharlin Puppetry Collection.

detroit motown

The Motown Museum is also referred to as “Hitsville USA” and has made its home in the studio where the actual hits with the Motown sound were produced. Visitors can see the actual recording studio where artists like Marvin Gaye recorded their hits. Reserved tours are available.

detroit Ford_Piquette_Avenue_Plant_-_Front_Exterior

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is the birthplace of the Model T car that revolutionized the automotive industry. This building is now a National Historic Landmark. You can tour the plant and see wonderfully maintained early model vehicles. There is also the “experimental room”  where Ford and his team worked on various ideas and includes a drafting table, tools, and his mom’s rocking chair.

detroit Historical_Museum


The Detroit Historical Museum celebrates the city’s past, about how it got its nickname of Motor City and became the center of the automotive industry. There are exhibits of the reconstruction of old Detroit streets, model railways, and dioramas providing an overview of the city and the events that shaped it.

detroit ford est


Henry Ford Estate is located in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn. Fair Lane is the former home of the automaker Henry Ford and his family. The grounds include a powerhouse hydropower plant that gave the estate the possibility to produce its own power, heat, and light. There are also a summer home, a man-made lake, staff cottages, gatehouse, pony barn, skating house, greenhouse, root cellar, vegetable garden, peony garden, a “Santa’s workshop”, and 500 hundred birdhouses.

detroit ford museum

The Henry Ford Museum is also located in Dearborn where Ford established two exhibition complexes. There are many interesting displays among them George Stephenson’s first steam locomotive, some 200 automobiles, the car in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and the Fokker in which Admiral Byrd made his first flight over the North Pole in 1926.

detroit Greenfield-Villages-Mainstreet-District

Greenfield Village is an open-air museum with about 100 historic buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries from all over the U.S. There is also the house in which Henry Ford was born, Edison’s laboratory, and the Wright Brothers’ bicycle factory. Shops in the Village Craft Center sell the products of the various workshops in the village.

detroit fort wayne

Fort Wayne is a five-pointed bastion fortress that was built in the 1840s. Visitors enter through the Sally Port which is a fortified wooden door. Inside the fort, you’ll find the large limestone barracks building and you can tour the first floor to see how soldiers live here in the 1860s. There are restored officer’s quarters, the Demilune, that once held the water-facing cannons, and a dry moat., All through the summer there are various events, special tours among them nighttime ghost tours.

detroit belle

Belle Isle is an island in the Detroit River with lovely parkland, hiking trails, and sports facilities.

detroit bele the-anna-scripps-whitcomb

Here you’ll find the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory with palm, cacti, desert plant, tropical plant, and a lily pond.

detroit belle DossinGreatLakesMuseum

The island is also home to the Dossin Great Lake Museum with ship models and exhibits that tell about the history of shipping on the Great Lakes and the Great Lake’s cruises.

detroit belle deet

There is also the Belle Isle Nature Zoo where you can feed deer

detroit belle aqua

and the Belle Isle Aquarium. You’ll also find a driving range, bicycle and boat rentals, a giant slide, hiking trails around the park’s three lakes and plenty of swimming holes.

detroit cormerica signdetroit cormerica

Comerica Park is a combination ballpark, theme park, and baseball museum. It is famous for being the home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. You can see highlights of the teams’ accomplishments and milestones and their “Walk of Fame”.



Behind the first base, you can take a ride on the carousel and in the third-base section is a Ferris Wheel with seats the resemble giant baseballs.

detroit GM

GM Renaissance Center is located along the Detroit River with huge skyscraper complexes which dominate the center which is the central feature on the Detroit skyline. This is a seven-tower complex that includes restaurants and shops. There is an observation deck on the 72nd floor with great views of the city. The most popular attraction is the GM showroom which displays vehicles among them mint-condition early cars and trucks.

detroit Pewabic_Pottery_Detroit_MI


Pewabic Pottery was founded by Mary Chase Perry Stratton and her partner, Horace Caulkins in 1903. Today it operates the ceramics museum, gallery workshop, and studio. The studio is a National Historic Landmark has an extensive collection of American ceramics. At the gift shop, visitors can purchase genuine Pewabic pottery and Michigan and Detroit souvenir pieces.


The Detroit Public Library has a collection that includes 5,000 books. It has ten departments in the main library and has 23 branches. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

detroit library inside

Visitors can take a one-hour docent-led tour of the building and find out about the architecture, art, and history of the library.

detroit masonic


The Masonic Temple of Detroit is a classical Gothic architecture that was built with Indiana limestone. It was dedicated in 1926 and is the largest temple of its kind in the world. The building’s three major divisions are the ritualistic tower, the auditorium, and the Shrine Club. The temple hosts concerts and other events. Visitors can get a tour.

detroit zoo Tiger better

The Detroit Zoo has animals in various habitats that represent all different parts of the world. There are African animals like zebras, giraffes, lions, lemurs, and several primates.

detroit zoo polar

At the arctic you’ll meet polar bears., The Australian Outback has kangaroos and wallabies. In Asia, there are pandas and Amur tigers. At the North American habitat, there are bears, wolverines, and bald eagles. You can see the whole zoo riding the miniature  Tauber Family Railroad.

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